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Historical Society Meets Sept. 17

Douglas County Historical Society held its monthly meeting on Sept. 17.

Sharon called the meeting to order.  Pat gave the August minutes and the treasurer’s report.  Both were approved as read.

Members discussed Hunsaker Café after a picture was sent and donated in memory of Lyle Price.   Also discussed was the new sign and the Fox Trotters. There were no visitors at the museum during the Fox Trotters show.

Mediacom came to Ava to videotape a few places around town.  Marilyn took them through the museum where they filmed a few of the items.  They will send out CDs for input when they are done.

A blanket and basket have been donated.  An old cookbook has also showed up at the museum that no one seems to know anything about or how it got there.  If anyone knows where it came from let the staff know.

Sally gave a report on ideas on fundraisers for this fall.

A motion was made by Barbara that the sign in the front yard go back to black and white.  It was seconded by J.D.  Officers decided on the same size sign and design so keep a look out for it to appear soon in the yard.

Sharon has contacted the tree company about the dead dogwood tree but hasn’t heard back yet.

J.D. made a motion to adjourn and go home and it was seconded by Marilyn.  Those attending were: Sally Hicks, Barbara and Jack Breshears, Sharon Sanders, Pat Carmichael, Gladys Peak, J.D. Ross and Marilyn Alms