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Gamma Phi Holds September Meeting

The Gamma Phi Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society met in September at the FUMC in Cabool, Mo.

During the business meeting president, Diane Moore, asked the area members to report on their Early Childhood Education Support project.

-Willow Springs donated a monetary gift to four new women teachers along with a rose in the Willow Springs system and gave money to the Elementary Library.

-Houston members reported funds were utilized to purchase Accelerated Reading books for grades 1 and 2.

-Cabool members reported their donation was presented to the new fourth grade teacher.

Sharon Wolford was reinstated and six women were nominated for membership into the chapter.

Chapter treasurer Louise Rader, reported the recipients of the local scholarships have all been presented with their $500.00 grants-in-aid.

Books were brought by the hosting town, Willow Springs, for the Born to Read bags given to newborn’s parents.

In keeping with the program theme “Connecting With The World – Education” Willow Springs presentations began with Brenda Kimbrough presenting the Getting to Know activity asking members for their favorite place they’ve been or would like to visit in the world.

Faye Wiersema presented the Handbook Point of Emphasis ad Jeanie Beltz gave the devotional illustrating how education has changed from the McGuffey Reader to excerpts from “Necessity of Teaching” by Limon Beecher.

LeEtta East sang “What the World Needs Now” accompanied by Joy Lower.

Sharon Petrus talked about how the Willow Springs district connects with the community of Russian immigrants. Sharon introduced Sergei and Kate Iacovlev.  Serghei was a foreign exchange student at Winona, who attended Mineral Area College and later received his degree from a university in Russia.  The guest speakers talked about how in Russia it was a struggle to get students to stay in school, which was partly due to the culture.  School texts were usually those from 20 years ago because of the financial situation from the collapse of the Soviet Union.  In Russia, teaching is typically a low paid job held by women.  The Pre-K schools were connected to manufacturing and industry as businesses provided care and instruction for workers’ children.  Children begin school at age 7 and schools charge tuition with the private schools charging three to four thousand dollars for a year.  This is significant to the families as they may only earn $200 per month.

The area schools represented in the Gamma Phi chapter are Ava, Cabool, Houston, Missouri State University, Plato, Raymondville, and Willow Springs.