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Davis' Dodge Finds New Home In Hollywood

Dale Davis’ 1946 Dodge pickup is now a part of the Hollywood scene. The 1946 Dodge which has been featured in local parades, including the Douglas County Sesquicentennial Parade in 2007, was recently purchased by Steven Weiss, son of the owner of Mel’s Drive-In, in Hollywood, that was made famous in the 1973 film, American Graffiti. Steven Weiss passed through Ava after a trip to Bull Shoals, Ark., saw the pickup at Davis Auto Sales, inquired about it and bought it. The photo above shows the truck sitting in front of Mel’s Drive-in in Hollywood, still bearing the name of Davis Bros., Ava, Mo., and the Davis Auto Sales plate on front. In the lower photo, Dale Davis (left) watches as the truck is loaded into a van for the trip to California.