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County Wildfire Protection Plan Being Developed for Douglas Co.

We hear in the news of wildfires impacting citizens in western states, even Texas and Oklahoma, but we probably never think it could happen to us.  We hope it never does.  But it could, and that is why we should be prepared.

The Douglas County Commission, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service and local volunteer fire departments, through Title III money, is writing and implementing a County Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  We all care about the citizens in our area, and would not want anyone to be affected or lose their home in the event of a wildfire.  Being prepared is our best defense.

Each Fire Department in the County will be holding events throughout the next year and into the future to help educate homeowners on making their homes safer against the threat of wildfires in the area.  They will be doing this through open house opportunities, voluntary home audits, educational materials, and various other programs.

Goodhope Fire Department held a fish fry, at the Plainview School gym recently. The fish dinner was the fall annual fundraiser for the department and the meal was by donation.

They handed out homeowner wildfire education materials and showed a movie to help homeowners understand and make good decisions about dealing with wildfires, and how to create a safe defensible zone around their homes and property.

Squires will be having an event in November open to the public.

Eastern Douglas County Fire Department conducted 40 voluntary home audits in their coverage area.  These audits helped homeowners assess their risks to their home in the event of a wildfire.

The fire department will also hold a chili supper and auction on Nov. 3, at Vanzant Community Center. Supper will be by donation.  There will be information for homeowners pertaining to wildfire education and prevention.  Information will be given to interested homeowners and there will be a short video showing many tips homeowners can implement to protect their home and property.

If you would like more information on homeowner wildfire safety or need information about up-coming events please contact your local fire department.