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County Republicans Hold Meeting Sept. 18

Chairman, Ross McElvain called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  There were 28 voting committee members present.
Douglas County Republicans are making a show in the Missouri Re-publican Party.  Douglas County’s own Richland Township Commit-teeman, Kaleb Luna, and Jackson Township Committeewoman, Joan Follis, were elected chairman and vice chair of the 155th Legislative District Committee.  This committee is to work with Lyle Roland, our representative in Jefferson City, to hold him accountable to the Consti-tution, to the Party platform, and give him support and advice on various bills.
Ross McElvain was elected vice chairman of the 33rd Senatorial Committee, and Jan Kelly of Web-ster County was elected chairman.  This committee will work with Mike Cunningham, our state senator.
The Committee wrote a letter of support for Todd Akin.  The com-mittee reprimanded the state and national Republican committees for their discouragement and lack of support to our duly selected senato-rial candidate.
Don Potter will continue to work with the Governor’s board to rec-ommend a suitable replacement for Craig Carter’s Associate Judge seat.  Whoever wins the governor’s race will be the one to appoint the Douglas County Associate Judge that will serve out the remaining term of Craig Carter.
Archie and Chris Daily were elected committeeman and commit-tee woman for Cass Township.
After much discussion and delib-eration, it was decided to give each Republican candidate, Mitt Romney (President), Peter Kinder (Lieuten-ant Governor), Shane Schoeller (Secretary of State), Ed Martin (At-torney General), Cole McNary (Treasurer), Chris Degase (Douglas County Sheriff) each $50.00 and Todd Akin and Dave Spence each $350.00 for their campaigns.  The committee will also spend up to $200 in advertising in the Douglas County Herald and KKOZ, for Re-publican candidates running for of-fices. Don Potter and Dave Fleagle will do the radio ads.
Dean Ascolli and Elizabeth Moorehead volunteered to write a letter of support for Ed Martin run-ning for Attorney General.
Lyle Roland, our representative, will be attending the next meeting to address the group on his proposed bill opposing implementation of the United Nation’s Agenda 21.  He will explain what it is, why he opposes it and will ask for voter support.  The public is welcome to attend.