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7th & 8th Grade Volleyball Teams Play Cabool and Houston

On Sept. 18, the Ava Middle School volleyball teams traveled to Cabool. Ava 8th grade beat Cabool in a 3-game match. In Game 1 Ava fell to Cabool 19-25, but came back and won Game 2, 25-15 and Game 3, 25-23.

In the match Cera Longino served 16/16 with 4 ace serves. She passed 16/22, set 16/16 and had 4 hits and one kill.

Kady Todd was 12/13 serving with 6 aces; Shelby Bushong was 9/9 serving with 3 aces, 30/35 passing; and had 4 hits; Sandra Buff served 9/9 with 3 aces and was 2/2 hitting; Kira Colette had one ace serve and was 2/2 hitting.

Maci Jones had 3 ace serves and was the team libero for the match and came in each game and got the team out of many tough situations. Laken Dobbs was 8/9 serving with 4 ace serves; Morgan Miller passed 8/9 and was 2/2 hitting with one kill.

Ava 7th grade fell to Cabool 21-25 and in Game 2, 13-25. Madison Freeman was 9/9 serving with 2 aces; Kathrin Buff served 7/7 with one ace; Sierra Boatman served 6/6 with 3 ace serves; Jasmine Dalton was 5/5 serving with 2 aces; Becca Dudley was 3/4 serving with 2 aces; and libero Marissa Reynolds was 9/12 passing and Mashala Gunning was 8/12 passing and had 1 hit.

On Sept. 20 Ava traveled to Houston to come home with two victories. Ava 8th grade defeated Houston in a two-game match 25-12 and Game 2, 25-23. Kady Todd served 11/12 with 5 ace serves; Cera Longino served 11/11 with 3 aces, passed 23/24, set 14/14 and hit 4/5 with one kill. Shelby Bushong served 8/9 with 4 aces, passed 23/26, set 6/6 and hit 3/3 with one kill. Laken Dobbs had one ace serve and she passed 11/11; Paden Coonce passed 11/13; Sandra Buff served 4/5 with 2 aces and had one kill. Kira Colette had 2 ace serves and hit 2/3; and Breeana Gidney had 2/2 hitting with 2 kills.

The 8th grade got to play an extra 10-minute game with Houston which Ava was down 11-23 at the end of 10 minutes. Lacy Diel was 2/2 serving and 2/4 passing; Tarrah Goforth was 2/2 serving; Alex Beverlin was 7/9 passing and Shae Wagner had one kill.

Ava 7th grade defeated Houston in a three game match. In Game 1, Ava lost 22-25, but battled back and won Game 2, 25-18 and Game 3, 25-22.

Strong serving and lots of communication was the key to this success. Haylee Hare served 25/26 with 19 ace serves in the match; Kathrin Buff served 15/15 with 8 ace serves and passed 8/11; libero Marissa Reynolds served 3/3 with one ace. Sierra Boatman passed 11/13; Madison Freeman served 2/2 and had one kill; Jasmine Dalton served 9/11 with 3 aces; Mashala Gunning served 6/8 with 5 aces and passed 13/19; Kaylee Evans had one kill.

Ava will play at home tonight, Thursday, Sept. 27 against the Mtn. Grove Panthers. The 7th grade match will begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 the Lady Bears will compete in the Cabool Tournament.