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Ava Volleyball Girls Drop 2 This Week

The Ava Lady Bears volleyball team dropped contests to Spokane and Reeds Spring this week.

At Spokane last Thursday, the Lady Bears lost in two games, 22-25, 14-25.

Ava hosted Reeds Spring Tuesday and lost 8-25, 10-25.

The girls will play at Marshfield tonight, with 9th grade, JV and varsity matches scheduled.

On Saturday, the varsity girls will play in the Forsyth Tournament and the junior varsity girls will play in a tournament at Marshfield.

The Ava Lady Bears will be one of eight teams participating in the annual Forsyth Invitational Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Ava will play in the Blue Pool which will see action in the high school gym.

Teams in the Blue Pool besides Ava are Forsyth, Fordland and Blue Eye. The White Pool, consisting of Bradleyville, Sparta, Conway and Willow Springs, will play in the new gym.

Ava’s first action will be at 9:45 a.m. vs. Blue Eye. At 11:15 Ava will play Fordland and at 12 noon the Lady Bears will face Forsyth.

Semifinal matches will begin at 1:30 with the championship and 3rd place matches scheduled for 2:15.

Tournament directors say if games run ahead of schedule, matches will be played ahead of schedule.

The junior varsity will play in the Blue Pool at Marshfield on Saturday and will face Conway in the first match at 9 a.m.

Semifinals will begin at 1 o’clock with the finals to begin at 2 p.m.

At Spokane last Thursday, Cori Dry was 9-for-10 serving with seven aces. She was 2-for-3 on kills and 9-of-10 on digs.

Destiny Sparnicht was 16-of-20 on digs and 16-for-17 on assists.

Courtney Mings was 3/3 serving, 4/7 hitting, 27/38 on digs and 32/32 on assists.

In the Reeds Spring match Tuesday, Mings was 32-for-38 on digs and 17-for-18 on assists. Sparnicht was 12/13 on digs and 14-for-14 on assists.

Dry was 4-for-4 serving and Alena Stokes was 4-for-5 serving.