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Investigation Continues in the August Shooting Death of David Phillips

The Office of Prosecuting Attorney Roger Wall has issued the following brief statement concern-ing the shooting death of a 42 year-old Hillsdale, Illinois man, David L. Phillips, by the Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase.
“This office has been in touch with both the Douglas County Coroner and the office of the Colonel of the Missouri State High-way Patrol (MSHP).  I have been assured that the MSHP is and has been conducting a thorough investi-gation regarding the incident in western Douglas County where a person lost his life in a shooting incident on August 30, 2012.  The Highway Patrol, once all of the facts are given and interviews are com-pleted, has agreed to furnish all reports to my office.  I will then promptly request that the Presiding Judge of the 44th Circuit allow the Coroner to summons a jury in order to conduct a formal inquest into this matter.
Other than that, as is usual, my office will release no other infor-mation as the matter is pending and refers all inquiry to the head investi-gative agency, the MSHP.”