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W.G. (Bill) Rowe Is Candidate For Sheriff

My name is W. G. (Bill) Rowe and I am asking for the honor of serving you as the sheriff of Douglas County. I am a veteran of 35 years law enforcement experience.
As a voter you have the right to ask why I am qualified to be your sheriff.
– During my career, I was accepted by the Illinois State Police and attended their academy. I was appointed as a trooper in the patrol division. I was later reassigned to the division of criminal investigation.
– On May 1, 1972, I was promoted to detective and permanently assigned to the division of criminal investigation and sent to the state police academy for an extensive criminal investigation school. Upon completion I was certified as a crime scene investigator (CSI) and assumed the duties of a detective and crime scene tech.
– On March 1, 1973, at the request of the director of the department of law enforcement, I was assigned to the Executive Security unit and became the Governor’s bodyguard. I served in that capacity until January 1976, at which time I was reassigned to the division of criminal investigation, and trained as a homicide investigator, crime scene investigator (CSI) in the collection and preservation of evidence and crime scene photography.
– In January 1982 I was requested by the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) to serve on their anti-terrorist squad. I did so for 2 years. I served as a supervisor on the surveillance squad, and was promoted to the rank of special agent 1.
– In 1984 I was reassigned to undercover operations as a supervisor of multi-jurisdictional task forces, investigating homicides and violent crimes, and was promoted to special agent 2. During my career, I have been involved in well over 100 death investigations.
– In 1986 I was promoted to Inspector and was a supervisor for special investigations throughout the state.
– In 1989 I was promoted to the rank of senior inspector, again supervising undercover operations and task forces. I held this rank and position until my retirement in January of 1993.
– From 1978 through 1990, I served as an instructor at the State Police Academy, teaching criminal investigations, homicide investigation, crime scene investigation and felony apprehensions.
– Upon retirement I relocated in Douglas County, a place I have come to love. I first came here in 1972 and quickly came to appreciate the people and the countryside. I was asked by then Sheriff Roldan Turner, to join his department, which I did, rising to the rank of chief deputy serving in that position three years.
– During my tenure in the sheriff’s department, I created a report of call form, created a policy for the collection and preservation of evidence, established an evidence logbook and evidence control form. I also totally reorganized the evidence vault and established an investigative form and filing system.
As a voter you may ask why I want to be your sheriff?
I believe the training that I have received over the years, as well as the experience I have gained and the knowledge that has been retained, all give me the ability to bring about a professional sheriff’s department we all can be proud of.
Please allow me to put my experience, knowledge, and ability to work for you as the next sheriff of Douglas County. Time restraints and work schedules will not allow me to be able to contact everyone, before Nov. 6, but I will make every effort to see everyone, and ask you for your support and vote. Please on Nov. 6, vote for professionalism, honesty and integrity and vote Rowe for sheriff.
Paid for by W.G. “Bill” Rowe