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Looking Backward 8.23.2012

  25 Years Ago

August 20, 1987


Ava R-1 Schools were sched­uled to open on Wednesday, but because of the High heat factor, the opening day was postponed a week.

New teachers on staff at Ava Public Schools this fall include Joyce Markin, second grade; Philip Wilson, band; Kevin Menaugh, junior high math; and Nancy Barker, home economics.

Longtime Ava barber Vernon Ray scored a hole-in-one at the Ava Country Club golf course Monday. Ray made the hole-in-one on the No. 3 green. Witnessing the ace were Clinton Maloney and Denny Hayes.

Norman and Audrey Pierson announce the birth of a daughter on July 24 at 8:40 p.m. at Cox South Medical Center.

Enjoying a happy and a very special occasion Monday, Aug. 17, was Mrs. Anna Berry of Blanche, who was celebrating her 91st birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Swofford celebrated their 61st wedding anni­versary and family reunion on July 25, 1987.

SQUIRES –– Andrew Stewart is looking forward to starting kinder­garten. It’s always easier for the parents to see the little ones go off to school when they are happy about going.

SENIOR CITIZENS – After 14 years of employment Neva Vinson retires this week. She held the position as head cook until she de­cided to work a shorter workweek. At that time, a volunteer, Charlotte Higgins, was hired to share the workweek and Naomi Stephens assumed that position.

His & Hers Drive-Inn, 807 North Jefferson, Ava, Jumbo Ham­burger, $1.19; Hillbilly Steak, $139; Roast Beef Sandwich, $1.49;  Dine in or carry out.

WAGNER –– Our weather is very hot and dry. We had 100 de­grees at 2 o‘clock Sunday and a very light shower Sunday night.


50 Years Ago

August 16, 1962


Residents of Douglas County stay put longer than people do in most parts of the United States. Because of their tendency to live in the same location for more years than is average, they are considered less transient than the majority of Americans.  The findings are from a report issued by the Department of Commerce, following a study it made of data gathered in connec­tion with the 1960 census.

The Bank of Gainesville is con­tinuing its editorial campaign for improvement of Highway 5 in Ozark County, which started with its message to the people and to the Missouri State Highway Depart­ment in an advertisement in the Ozark County Times on July 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hibbard observed their golden wedding an­niversary at their home in Ava on Sunday, Aug. 12.

“Savingest Days” Sale, Rambler’s record sales mean record savings for you.  Campbell & Pender Auto Sales, Junction 14 & 5, Ava, Mo.

BAKERSFIELD –– Still very hot and dry here.  The temperature reading was 94 degrees Sunday afternoon.

U. S. farmers produce about 60 percent more annually than farmers in the Soviet Union. They use much less labor and land but sub­stantially more capital than Russian farmers.

The Ozark Playgrounds of Southwest Missouri are fast becoming one of the most highly developed tourist areas in the Mid­west.  An estimated two-and-a-half million to three million dollars more were spent last year (1961) on new vacation facilities – resorts, hotels, motels, restaurants and boat docks in the area.  The opening of Table Rock Lake in 1960 and the new Pomme de Terre Lake, sched­uled for completion in 1962, bring the total number of large lakes in the area up to five.

RED BANK –– Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Lakey and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Lethco and Quentin Lethco.

GENTRYVILLE –– Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams purchased the Emma Hicks farm. Mrs. Williams is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hurst.

WASOLA –– The WPFA Club met Friday with Lillian Clayton. Those attending were Florence and Lavonna Twitty, Grace Denney, Viva Stewart, Hazel Snelson, Pat Miller and son.  Visitors were Mary Ehrlick, Mrs. Rex Naugle, Elva Clayton, Chris and Theta.  The club displayed their wild rose quilt they made to sell for club funds.

ROMANCE by Mrs. T.J. Moor­house –– At 2:30 Sunday morning, something made the electric trans­former go poof followed by a light.  Then all was dark on the hill.  The deep-freeze and refrigerator stopped humming.  Company was expected next day. Steak was thawing and ice cream melting. What a mess! No phone at this place. So we dragged ourselves into the old car and went to locate a telephone. Terry’s Store was the closest. No one there but the dog. Gainesville was next on the map. The REA boys were called and in a short time they were here and eve­rything in first class shape.


75 Years Ago

August 19, 1937


Businessmen, county officials, truck drivers and many others ap­peared on the streets this week wearing jaunty white and black nautical looking caps, much to the bewilderment of many persons.   The persons wearing the caps have contributed to the financing of the Douglas County fair which is to b e held at the city park in Ava September 23, 24 and 25. A cap was given to every person or firm donating $2 or more to the fair.

A group of women and girls the past week decided they would like to play softball and so they orga­nized, forming two teams which met for the first time Wednesday night.  Team captains are Jeanne Gentry and Frieda Livingston. Frieda Livington’s team won Wednesday’s game 48 to 10.

Fire from an undetermined origin destroyed the Vera Cruz store, twelve miles east of Ava, during the noon hour Monday, ac­cording to information received here. The property belonged to Jason E. Roy, and the loss was only partially covered by insurance.

Miss Sybil Berry left Wednes­day for Sedalia where she will represent Douglas County as “Miss Ava” at the beauty pageant being held tonight at the Missouri State Fair grounds.  Miss Berry, who will be one of the thirty-five contest­ants, won the honor of “Miss  Ava” at a beauty contest held in Ava two weeks ago at the Thrasher Theater.

Ralph Taylor, Ozark County farmer, charged with first degree murder and who was released from the West Plains jail last Saturday under $25,000 bond, was returned to jail Wednesday afternoon.  Tay­lor, it is alleged, had been drinking heavily following his release, and was reported to have made threats against parties connected with the murder investigation.   He appeared in front of a drug store in Ava and ordered a pint of liquor delivered to him in his car.  The clerk who made the delivery observed an automatic shotgun across Taylor’s lap, and a revolver on the seat beside him. Taylor passed through Ava late Tuesday night driving south toward his home at Almartha. Sheriff L.M. Barnes immediately notified Sheriff Stevens of Ozark County, who ar­rested Taylor Wednesday morning and returned him to the West Plains jail.

A $75,000 post office building for Ava is included in a list of projects made this week by the ap­propriations committee of the na­tional House of Representatives for proposed construction under a $70,000,000 public building pro­gram, according to an Associated Press report from Washington.

A baby boy was born at one o’clock Thursday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Isham. The baby, born at the home here, has been named Donald Ray.

Mrs. Emma Kester sustained a dis-located shoulder Saturday night when the car in which she was rid­ing turned over in the ditch on Highway 14 west of Ava.


100 Years Ago

August 22, 1912


According to the census of 1911, there were over fourteen million boys and girls attending the public schools, and not two percent of that number have ever graduated from seminaries and colleges in any one year.  Then how necessary it is that the common school system of our country should be made better.  How necessary it is that every per­son connected with the mainte­nance of our public schools should be a man or woman thoroughly equipped for service, and should give to it their best thought.

Every citizen of Ava should be interested and work in a co-operative manner until satisfactory results are obtained.  Without elec­tric light Ava is just a little behind the times, she’s not up-to-the-notch.  We need to show more of that spirit of progress.

Clarence Darrow, the Chicago attorney who defended the McNamara’s at Los Angeles, Calif., and who was being tried on a charge of bribing a juror in the case was acquitted last Saturday.

With Missouri bred steers sell­ing at ten dollars a hundred and everything else produced by Mis­souri farmers selling at correspond­ingly high prices why should any Missouri farmer with sense enough to know which side his bread is buttered on vote for Wilson, who would deprive farmers of the pro­tection they enjoy under Republi­can tariff laws?

President Taft last Saturday signed the 160 million pension ap­propriation bill, and the pension office was immediately notified.  Agencies have been ordered to start payment at once.

COLD SPRING ITEMS – Fred and Cleve Penny of Monett are visiting their uncles, Fred Mallonee and Harry Keller.

OAK GROVE ITEMS – Wed­ding bells were heard in the vicinity of Oak Grove Thursday night, Miss Glenn Paul and Clide Craig were married at the home of the bride.

The President and Secretary of the Interior have ordered about one and one-half million acres of Indian lands in the former Shoshone (in Wyoming), in Uintah (in Utah), and Crow (in Montana), Indian Reser­vations, to be sold at public auction by James W. Witten, Superinten­dent of opening and sale of Indian lands, at minimum prices ranging from $.50 to $1.50 per acre.  The sales will begin at Lander, Wyo­ming, on September 19;  at Provo, Utah, on October 8; and at Billings, Montana, on October 21, 1912.


125 Years Ago

September 2, 1887


Trouble with the Ute Indians in Colorado still continues.

The Daily Capital of Atlanta thinks that President Jefferson Davis should be invited to Atlanta to welcome President Cleveland to the South. The Capital is aware that the war is over, but would like to renew it in the newspapers.

It has been discovered that of the 70,000 names on the list of vot­ers in St. Louis at the spring elec­tion of 1886, 20,000 were fraudu­lent.  These 20,,000 fraudulent vot­ers were registered by the “recorder of voters”, a Democratic officer, who took pains to have the fraudu­lent votes cast for the Democrat candidates.

The Christian County Circuit Court is having considerable trou­ble in empaneling a jury to try the celebrated Green-Edens tragedy, but it is generally believed that a jury will be secured this week.  Gilbert Applegate is to be tried as one of the parties charged with the murder.  A large number of wit­nesses have been subpoenaed, and it is understood that Applegate’s trial will be made the test case, and the attorneys are preparing for a hard battle; no little interest and excitement will attend it.

Democratic rascality is con­stantly coming to light all over and in every part of the United States, as is shown from the following special from Indiana:  The latest discovery of crookedness in the Democratic management of State affairs is a voucher found on file in the state auditor’s office, showing that last May the trustees of the insane hospital paid 72 cents a gallon for 272 gallons of strawber­ries, when the market price was only 32 cents. A Democratic farmer was given the contract.  Numerous charges of corruption in the hospi­tal’s contracts system have been made against the trustees by the state civil service association.

The sons of veterans will organize a camp of the Sons of Veterans, at Mansfield, Mo., on Saturday September 3rd, 1887.  It is requested that all sons of veter­ans over the age of 18 years will meet with us in this organization, that we may be better enabled to cultivate principles of patriotism and devotion to our country and our flag; principals that actuated our brave fathers to fight the battles that gave to us a free, happy and united country.

Grand Colt Show.  The colts of the celebrated Sherman will be exhibited on the 10th day of September 1887, at Uncle Billy Day’s in Webster County, Mo.  All are invited.  S.G. Haws, owner of Sherman.

Thousands of the best $38 gold watches ever made are selling in our co-operative clubs.  This is the best, cheapest, most convenient and only co-operative system of selling watches.  The Keystone Watch Club Co., P. O. Box 928, Philadelphia, Pa.

The Herald, G.J. Roote, H.E. Frink, Eds. & Proprietors, official paper of Douglas County, entered at the post office in Ava as second class mail matter; terms, $1.00 per year in advance.

New England recipe for sweet-sour dill chunks.

2 celery stalks, quartered

8 heads fresh dill

4 cups sugar

½ cup salt

1 qt. vinegar

2 cups water

Wash freshly picked cucumbers and cut in 1” chunks or in quarters, enough to fill 4 sterilized quart jars.  To each jar add e or 4 slices onion, 2 pieces celery and 2 heads dill.  Dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar and water; bring to boil.  Pour while still hot over cucumbers in each jar to cover; seal at once. Store in cool place. For best flavor do not use for 30 days. Makes 4 quarts.