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Douglas County Republican Committee Holds Monthly Meeting August 21

Thirty Douglas County Republican committeemen and committee-women met last Tuesday, Aug. 21.
Don Potter opened the meeting after the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.
The committee elected new officers for the upcoming two years.  The group elected Ross McElvain, chairman; Susie Grizwold, vice chairman; Peggy Charchol, secretary and Wayne Griswold, treasurer.
Several vacant positions were filled by election from the floor; however, Buchanan, Brown, and Cass Townships have vacancies.
The committee voted to support Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) even though the Missouri Republican Party and many Repub-lican Political Action Committees (PACs) have withdrawn support and finances from his campaign.  The committee will send a letter of support for Akin to the Republican Party in Missouri and the Republi-can National Committee.  The bowing of State and National Com-mittees to media hype, and the with-drawing of support from a Republi-can candidate duly elected by the people was a surprise to the committee.
Due to Craig Carter’s primary win in the Republican primary and probable election to the 44th Circuit Judicial seat, the group discussed the presumed associate judge vacancy for Douglas County.  Under statute, the governor fills judicial vacancies by appointment.  The committee voted to find and recommend a Republican candidate for the seat.
The assembly will continue meeting on the third Tuesday of each month until after the election in November.  After the November election, the committee will decide how often to meet thereafter.
The next meeting of the group will be on Tuesday, Sept. 18, and on the agenda will be to decide how to distribute excess funds and further fill committee vacancies.  Other issues may also come up as the Republican convention meets this week.  The location for next month is pending and will be announced.  The public is invited.