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Douglas County Historical Society Meets Aug. 20

Sharon called the meeting to order. Pat gave the treasurer’s report and read the minutes. Both were approved. Our new sign was discussed and tabled until next month. We are still looking for ideas on what we want it to look like. We will be changing our cabinet display in the music room. Tom will take care of it for September and Jack for October.
One of our new trees has broken off. Sharon will contact the nursery where we bought it.   Sally and Marilyn will work on ideas for fall fundraisers. We need some repairs done. Sharon and Marilyn are still working on the grants.
Joe made a motion we go back to winter hours starting in September and J.D. seconded it. Museum hours will go back to 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, starting second week of September.
New Business: Possible Virtual tours on line by Mark Farbin. Marilyn will talk to him about coming to talk to us next month at the meeting.
Tom Roberts gave a report on how the summer hours worked out. It has slowed down. Tom volunteered to keep the summer hours while the Foxtrotters are here. We appreciate his hard work this summer.
J.D. made a motion to adjourn and Joe seconded it. Those attending were: Gladys Peak, Sharon Sanders, Jack Breshears, Barbara Breshears, Miracle Breshears, Marilyn Alms, J.D. Ross, Joe Carmichael, Pat Carmichael, Tom Roberts, and Sally Hicks.