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Ava FFA Hosts August Blood Drive

On Aug. 22, the Ava FFA Chapter hosted a blood drive sponsored by the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks at the Ava Performing Arts Center.

All the blood collected by the CBCO stays locals and supports 37 hospitals in southern Missouri, northwest Arkansas and southeast Kansas. All blood and blood products transfused to patients in these hospitals come from donors like you.

Each day, it takes more than 275 blood donations to meet the needs of patients in the CBCO supplied hospitals. Unfortunately, while 60 percent of the population is eligible to give blood, only 5 percent choose to do so. Someone in the Ozarks needs blood every five minutes.

The following people came to give blood on Aug. 22: Mindy Fossett McFarlin, Amy Sowders, Donna Hall, Katie Hicks, Katelyn Jenkins, Kevin Dougherty, Diana Swearengin, Crystal Posey, Matt Worthey, Kayla Tanner, Jasmin Phillips, Billie Schuster, Miller Larson, Glenda Haden, Evan Sisney, Cody Breshears, Brittney Dixon, Kurdt Foy, Tim Scrivner, George Creson, Theresa Lee, Seth Shots, Cody Wallace, Dewayne Ducker, Jeanette Hutson, Jarrod Eastland, Robert Allsup, Tammy Webb, Russell Loftin, Austin Farris, Jarrett Huffman, Ashton Davis, Kayla Dougherty, Rebecca Neal, Chance Dott, Amanda Ramsey, Linda Ferguson, David Souse, Amy Gillespie, Nick Helm, Belva Tarrant, LeAnn Tomlinson, Lonna Akers, Jacob Dowell, Charles Lupton, Brad Storie, Darren Brent Lakey.

Anita Dodd, Glen Robertson, Judy Curry, Archie Daily, Cody Bellman-Hart, Dale K. Moore, Kelsea Rush, Joe Carmichael, Mark Henry, Sandra Walker, Dennis Posey, Courtney Mings, Darin Bushong, Taylor Ganzer, Ashley Phillips, Tel Fink, Cole Porter, Kendra Etenburn, Jeanne Scrivner, Maynard Wallace, Brandon Mashburn, Amos Tate, Thomas Coffey, Michael Hamby, Tia Etenburn, Tomas Imhoff, Connie Allsup, Stephanie Whiteman, Tanya Storie, Sharon Hicks, Sheldon Walker, Burrel Loftin, Jamie Holland, Elias David, Charlotte Webster, Ray Reynolds, Chelsi Harper, Kendra Schuster, Justin Skaggs, Vivian Wilkes, Kim Waskom, Vernon Johnson, Deevala Rawlings, Patsy Moore, David Frohman, Barbara Ridenour, George Dale, Matt Heinlein, Ralph Brazeal, Leon Potter, and Sharon Vance.

There were 102 donors, 79 units of single blood collected, and five double units collected.

The Ava FFA and CBCO say a big “thank you” to all who came to give blood. The next blood drive will be Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm in the Ava High School Performing Arts Center.