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The Snoop 7.26.2012

Three farmers – a Texan, A Kansan, and a Missourian – all died on the same day. All three men were cremated. The Kansan and the Texan were reduced to ashes in a matter of minutes. The next day, the Missourian was still sitting amid the flames saying: “Another couple of  days like this and we’ll have no corn crop at all.”
–Dr. Don Kuehle, United Methodist, retired, Jackson,  Mo.
* * *
Flags in Ava are flying at half staff this week in recognition of those who died in the tragic shooting last week in Aurora, Colo.
The flags will soon be raised back to their normal position, but the effect of the shooting that left a dozen dead and scores injured will last much longer.
One debate that will be resurrected by this unfortunate incident is that of gun control. Gun opponents seem to be of the misguided opinion that if guns are regulated (eliminated), criminals will not have guns.
They will. That’s why they are criminals.
The movie theater chain where the shooting took place prohibits firearms. That didn’t stop alleged shooter James Holmes. If the “good people” in the theater had been armed, would the story have been any different? There’s no way to know. Holmes was wearing full body protection, but there’s no way to know what was going through his warped mind.
What we do know is that the only people restricted by gun-control laws are those who abide by the law. Gun-control laws will not take guns out of the hands of criminals.
After this tragic act of violence, one would hope theater managers would at least realize there is no reason for folks to dress up like 8-year-olds going to a birthday party, to watch a movie. I’ll admit I’m not a big movie buff, but I can’t understand how it could make the movie any more exciting to dress the part, especially since you’re sitting in the dark anyway.
I would hope theaters across the country would at least adopt a policy against masks and garb that includes weapons – whether real or make-believe.
* * *
A lot is being said in the media about Mitt Romney not being “likable” or that he doesn’t “relate well” to people. Frankly, we struggled to understand why. So after much research, we have come up with a Top Ten List to explain this “unlikablility.” (Received by e-mail. Origin unknown.)
Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney:
1. Drop-dead, collar-ad handsome with gracious, statesmanlike aura. Looks like every central casting’s #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief.
2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been faithful to her, including through her bouts with breast cancer and MS.
3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)
4. Can’t speak in a fake, southern, “black preacher voice” when necessary.
5. Highly intelligent. Graduated cum laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School…and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed.
6. Doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter-culture age when he went to college. Too square for today’s America?
7. Represents an America of “yesterday”, where people believed in God, went to Church, didn’t mess around, worked hard, and became a success!
8. Has a family of five great sons…and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab. But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that “choice” deserves America’s scorn.
9. Oh yes…He is a Mormon. We need to be very afraid of that very strange religion that teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.
10. And one more point…pundits say because of his wealth, he can’t relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that’s because he made that money HIMSELF…as opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad. Apparently, he didn’t understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unrelatable to Americans.
My goodness, it’s a strange world, isn’t it?