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Douglas County Historical Society Meets July 16

The Douglas County Historical Society met July 16 at the Museum.

Sharon Sanders called the meeting to order.  Pat Carmichael read the minutes and gave the treasurer’s report, and both were approved.

The new Christmas ornament was discussed and it was decided to not order them.

It was discussed to raise the membership cost to $20 a year.  Journals will be $7 each, and $3 postage and handling to mail them.  The membership had been $16 since 2002. The new cost will go into effect on June 30, 2013.  Thirty-five memberships have been turned in so far.

There was a general discussion of grants and the trees in the back yard. One is doing fine and the other one has lost all its leaves.  Sharon is going to take picture and contact the nursery to see what we need to do. We tabled discussion on our new sign out front.  Everyone is supposed to come back next month with ideas on what we want it to look like.  We are open to any ideas.

The roof is leaking again so our repairman is going to come look at it again to see what we need to do.

Sharon is taking over the Rootsweb account on line from Ken Brown.  We have a new printer copier for our computer in the research room.

We are needing stories for the Winter 2012 Journal so if any one has any ideas now is the time to get them in.  We will also continue to be open Wednesday through Saturday during August then we will discuss whether or not to extend through September at the next meeting. A motion was made to adjourn by Joe and seconded by Marilyn.

Those attending were Pat Carmichael, Joe Carmichael, Sharon Sanders, Alexis Derritt, Marilyn Alms, and Gladys Peak. Next meeting is Aug. 20.