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Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle
Not much has changed nor will it change until weather changes, lake level changes or fall gets here.
The best bass fishing is still at night and plastic worms, saltcraws and jigs are all effective. On any given night one bait will out perform the others so be prepared to try different baits and presentation techniques until you find what the bass want.
Early morning there has been a top water bite on both lakes.  Spooks, buzz baits and poppers are all working.  The white and clear Zara Spooks seem to be working better than most.  Spooning in 20 to 35 feet of water is also working early in the day.  If you can stand the heat spooning will probably work all day.
Drop shotting for suspended bass is starting to work and small saltcraws or plastic worms are working best.  Night fishing main lake points in 20 to 30 feet has been productive.
Walleye are being caught on spoons and worm harnesses fished on bottom bouncers.  The Oakland area has been one of the better walleye trolling areas this year.  Try and get your bait down to 30 to 35 feet and troll as slow as you can. If you can just keep the bait moving you are probably trolling at the right speed.  When you put a live worm on the worm harness pinch off any part of the worm that sticks out from behind the second hook.  This keeps the walleye from sucking the worm off and not getting hooked.