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Douglas County Museum

Ann was a town in Douglas County in 1904 located three and one-quarter miles northwest of Florilla; Biggs was seven and one-half miles south of Phlegeton; Granada was shown to be two and one-half miles northwest of Beaver.  It was named for the city in Spain in 1895.  Iron ore mines were going strong in Grenada at one time in Douglas County.

When you take a tour of the Museum you will see these things in the Industrial Room:  Permanent Wave Machine, hair combs, curling iron, Kodak folding pocket camera, Keystone projector, Kodak Hawkeye camera, Dan Bushman’s shoe store sewing machine, shoe lasts, shoeshine chair and barber pole from the Duck-In Barber Shop, wicker rocking chair, weaving loom, spinning wheel and weasel, Rawlings sewing machine for ball gloves, cane bottom chairs, Handy Hot portable washing machine, calendars from the Ava Hardware Company, Ava Market, Jernigan’s Shoe Store and the F. L. Thomas Furniture Store, hall tree, ‘Fast Eddie’s’ cue sticks, balls, and rack, wool carders and a Simplex ironer.

The Museum is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from ten to two o’clock.

Did you know there were 111 school districts in Douglas County?  Did you know there are 213 known cemeteries in Douglas County?

Instead of putting your winter clothes away with mothballs, people used fresh sassafras leaves.  A person who was a water witch preferred the prong of a peach limb for witching for water.  Hog jowl and black-eyed peas were eaten on the first day of the new year.  Madstones were applied to draw out poison from a snake bite or a rabid dog bite.

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