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Letter To The Editor – Kurtenbach

Dear Editor,

This letter is being written to my non-Catholic brothers and sisters because we are all under attack from our own government. Many of you probably know about the Health and Human Services mandate that says that all insurance plans must cover contraceptives, sterilization, and pills that cause abortions. This mandate does not make any exception for churches or people of conscience who object to providing these things because of their faith. Government officials will tell you they have made an exception by making the insurance company cover these. However, where do they think the money to cover this will come from if not from the religious organizations or people who are paying for the insurance?

The government is trying to frame this as a war on women because of the contraception issue. This is ridiculous since contraceptives are available to anyone who wants them and do not cost that much. This mandate is a war on our God given right of Religious Freedom.

You may say, “What does this have to do with me? This is a Catholic problem.” Well, if the government can take away the Catholics’ right to live by their consciences and force them to pay for things that go against their beliefs what is to stop them from taking away your right to Religious Freedom? What is to stop them from telling your ministers what they can and cannot preach? This is already happening in Canada. Preachers are being arrested for preaching what they believe is the truth.

What can we do about this? First, as Christians we can pray and fast. As Jesus tells us in Mark 9:28-29: “Some evil spirits can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.” There is an evil spirit in our country and we need to pray and fast to drive it out. This is what Catholics have joined together to do. We invite you to join us in this effort.

Second, we can let our elected officials know how we feel about our right to Religious Freedom. Right now you can call Governor Nixon and urge him to Sign SB749. This bill makes sure no one is forced to pay for abortions or contraceptives in their health insurance plans. Tell him abortion is not health care. Governor Nixon’s office phone number is 1-573-751-3222. You need to call him today (Thursday) or Friday because he has to sign or veto the bill by July 14th.

Third, let Senator Roy Blunt (202-224-5721), Senator Claire McCaskill (202-224-6154) and Representative Jo Ann Emerson (202-225-4404) know that you want your right to Religious Freedom protected.

May God bless you all and God bless our beloved country.

Joe Kurtenbach