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The Bushong, Pool, Strong, Berry Cousin Reunion

The Bushong, Pool, Strong and Berry Cousin Reunion was held this week. It began Tuesday night with Mike Strong of Kansas, Diana Rogers of Texas, friend, Susan Laveri and friend and Danny Bushong of Hollister met for supper in Branson and attended a show at the Mickey Gilley Theatre. All but Danny went fishing on Wednesday where Diana caught a nice large mouth bass. On Thursday they were joined by Clinton Bushong and Maggie, Lenuel and Lynn Bushong, Kathy Lindquist and Beverly, Bobby Bushong, T.J. Pool, Lyle Bushong, Lyle Bushong Jr. and Jessica Underwood all of Illinois to spend the night at Dawt Mill. They and Terri Lawson of Mountain Grove all went canoeing on Friday.

Juanita Bushong of Illinois spent Thursday night with Jo and John Stephens. On Friday night they and Gene and Rheba Pool played cards in the home of Veda Bushong. Juanita, Clinton and Maggie spent Friday night at Danny Bushong’s. On Saturday they and Lenuel and Lynn Bushong and Beverly Catanada went to see the Acrobats of China where Onna Bushong works in Branson. Clinton and Maggie stayed with Danny Saturday night and Sunday night. Those staying at The Red Elk Lodge Saturday night were Mike Strong, Diana Rogers, Juanita Bushong, T.J. Pool, Butch and Diana Davis and Lenuel and Lynn Bushong.

There were 56 cousins and kin at the reunion on Sunday at the Red Elk Lodge in Branson, MO. Those attending were Lyle Bushong of Illinois, Juanita (Pool) Bushong Kazenski of Illinois, Butch and Diana Davis of Ava, MO, Mike Strong of Kansas, Lenuel and Lynn Bushong of Illinois, John and Jo Stephens of Ava, Lyn and Linda (Bushong) Rogers of Illinois, Gene and Rheba Pool of Ava, Max and Kathy Stephens of Rogersville, Eric Stephens of Republic, Lyle Bushong Jr. and Jessica Underwood of Illinois, Michael Dodson, Chase and Bryse of Ava, Misty (Bushong) Richardson and Josh Garcia of Illinois, Mike and Kathy Lindquist and Beverly of Illinois, Johnnie and Debra (Bushong) Reed, Garrett and Grant Kearn of Kansas, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee of Ava, Clint Bushong and Maggie of Illinois, Danny Bushong of Hollister, Robert Lenuel Bushong of Illinois, Terri (Pool) Lawson, Riley and Jessie, Nathaniel Miller, Russ Hilt and Chloe of Mountain Grove, Dayton Bushong of Mountain Grove, J.M. and Carolyn Berry of Forsyth, Donna Dodson, Veda Bushong of Ava, Angela and Kerry Sears of Kansas City and Susan Lanieri and friend of Branson.