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Douglas County Museum

Stop by the Museum and see these items in the Industrial Room:  Permanent wave machine, hair combs, curling iron, Kodak folding pocket camera, Keystone projector, Kodak Hawkeye camera, Dan Bushman’s shoe store sewing machine, shoeshine chair and barber pole from the Duck-In barber shop, shoe lasts, wicker rocking chair, broken bat handmade at the Vanzant Ball Bat Company, weaving loom, spinning wheel and weasel, Rawlings sewing machine for ball gloves, cane bottom chairs, Handy Hot portable washing machine, calendars from the Ava Hardware Company, Ava Market, Jernigan’s Shoe Store, and F. L. Thomas Furniture Store, hall tree, Fast Eddie cue sticks, balls, and rack, wool carders and a Simplex ironer.

Tracy Murphy was only 18 when she was killed in a car accident on a Sunday afternoon.  She was a freshman at SMS and worked at Wal-Mart.  She graduated in the top 10% of her class at Ava in 1987.  She was president of the Anchor Club and a member of the pom pon and cheerleading squads and a member of the First Southern Baptist Church.  Max and Wanda Murphy donated the parking lot in her memory.

Stay tuned for more.