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Historical Society Meets June 18; Elects New Officers

The Douglas County Historical and Genealogical Society held its monthly meeting on June 18, in the Museum.

President Pat Carmichael called the meeting to order.  Sharon read the treasurers report and the minutes of the May meeting.  A motion was made by J.D. and seconded by Joe they be approved.

After a discussion of raising the price of membership, books and postage, it was tabled to vote on it next month. They are the same price they were in 2002

Tommy gave a report of how it is working out.  We had several schools including Ava, Plainview, and Bradleyville that have been to the museum. There have been several different classes from Ava.

Joe told how the dogwoods trees are doing.  One is looking good and the other isn’t doing very good; we don’t know if it will make it.

The candidates for the officers for the coming year was given by Sally who was in charge of the nominating committee and were voted on.  The officers for the coming year are: Sharon Sanders president, Sally Hicks, vice-president, Pat Carmichael secretary-treasurer, and the board includes Jack Breshears, Marilyn Alms and J. D. Ross

After a general discussion of new items donated and things to do a motion was made to adjourn by J.D. and seconded by Sally.