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Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle

The Bama Rig has been working on daytime walleye and some bass. Several anglers from Pontiac have been limiting out on keeper walleye throwing the Bama Rig. Throwing toward shore and bringing it out slow into 20 to 25 feet of water has been the most effective. Some keeper bass are also falling to this rig. Walleye are also being caught on worm harnesses and deep diving plugs like the Berkley Flicker Shad.

Daytime bass fishing is best first thing in the morning as topwater baits are working when you find bass chasing. After the sun is up some bass can be spooned, caught on jigs, or plastic worms. Seems the bigger worms are working better than the eight-inch worms this year.

The Larew 11-inch snake has been very popular. Night fishing for bass has been good. Jigs, single spins and large worms are all bringing bass to the boat. Salt craws have also been effective especially when used with a light weight. The slower the craw falls the more bites one usually gets.

Live worm prices have gone up due to a shortage of Canadian night crawlers in Canada. My wholesaler tells me that the dry winter did not provide enough moisture to develop the crop as in normal years. Besides walleye, these worms are great for big bluegill and catfish. Both bluegill fishermen and those fishing for catfish are having a good year so far.

Remember when fishing at night to run with your lights on and to turn them on when you are fishing and hear or see a boat approaching your position.