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Douglas County Museum

Want to make your own bubble bath?  Here’s one recipe from the Workbasket in December 1960:  ½ cup detergent, 1 cup Epsom salts, 5 drops glycerin, few drops of your favorite cologne.  Mix well to assure even distribution.

We have these things plus more in the room designated kitchen:  pitcher and spoon collection, toasters, mirrored buffet, kerosene lanterns, pie safe, steel tea kettles, sad irons, match box, wooden cupboard with glass doors, metal cake pan, NuGrape pop bottle, Yellow Bonnet coffee can, Foremost milk paper cartons, Krey Pure Lard can, hand held egg beater, and a cherry pitter.

Biggs was a town in Douglas County located seven and one-half miles south of Phlegeton.  Brushyknob was a post office village located four and one-half miles south of Idumea. Denlow was approximately five miles south of Omo, and five miles southwest of Prior.  Depew was located three and one-quarter miles south of John’s Mills.  Sandy had a post office established in 1890 and discontinued in 1891; named because of its situation on a sandy ridge.  Exact location unknown. (From A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets Past and Present of Douglas County, Missouri, compiled by Arthur Paul Moser.)

Some local authors have their books displayed in our Museum located on the top floor in the great room.  Among those are Daphyne Dunford Huggins White Jug and the Chiefs; Alveretta Jenkins, Window Memories, Annette Ludwig Caudill, Memories from a Deacons’ Daughter; Cinita Brown, The Black Kettle Ride; Virginia Andrews, Love vs. Fear and Faye Davis Case, Home Folks.

Stay tuned for more.