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Douglas County Museum

The Ten Commandments of School Life (from the DOCOMO 1921).  I-Thou shalt not monkey with the valves on the radiators.  II-Thou shalt not enter the gymnasium unless thou hast rubber heels and rubber soles upon thy feet.  III-Thou shalt not be out later than six o’clock on any night other than Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  IV-Thou shalt not enter the boiler room upon any occasion.  V-Thou shalt not scuffle in the hall.  VI-Thou shalt not appear upon the premises with a skeleton key in thy pocket.  VII-Thou shalt not set thy number ‘levens on the campus.  VIII-Thou shalt not talk in the halls while classes are passing.  IX-Thou shalt not chew gum in the hall or in any class.  X-Thou shalt not loaf on the streets or in the stores before, during, or after school hours.  And you think you’ve got it bad today!

And speaking of graduation, among the early school teachers of Ava were Mrs. Robey, who taught school in a little log hut which had even hewn logs with flat side up for benches; and later J. W. Platt, J. S. Mercer, Minnie Kirkham, Callie Curnutt, J. A. Hylton, Henry S. Wilson, G. H. Boehm, and Jean Hibbard.  G. H. Boehm sponsored the first graduating class with diplomas in 1904.  This class included Sam Inman, Frank Lilly, Frank Ansilment, Jean Hibbard, Etta Herndon, Nancy E. Gresham, Ida Inman, and Belle Miller.

PFC Herbert Pyle Gideon was the first Korean casualty to be returned to Douglas County.  He was the son of Henry Gideon born September 15, 1927.  Killed at Changyong September 3, 1950.  He served 2 years in Japan and Korea.  Brother Lester Gideon PFC serving in France.  Buried in Ava Cemetery.  (A Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region.)

From the Seymour Enterprise June 29, 1893—We are informed that the Cole Schoolhouse in Douglas County was burned last week by incendiaries unknown.  The supposed cause was that one Dairs, an infidel lecturer, had been holding meeting there and he had service there Sunday.  It is perhaps a divine act and such degrading teachers should not be permitted space in a house where Divine worship is held.  We trust Douglas County will lift the veil of heathenism and educate her sons and daughters in the light of Christian religion.  Do away with her many subterfuges and accept the Word of the Lord for a guide.

The Museum is open for tours or to help with your family history Wednesday through Saturday, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We appreciated ten students from Mansfield summer school coming through with their teacher.

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