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Blakey Family Reunion Held June 2, 2012.

This year, June 2, 2012, wasn’t as big as 2010, but it was good.  We had 47 names, if I counted it right.  Diane didn’t make it in because she got married and her husband, Ronald, won’t retire until August, but we had a big surprise, Carla Budd came in for this one.  Dinner was good.  We had turkey, ham, chicken and pork steak, with all the other good things to go with it.

Those on my list, that came through the door were; Hellen Blakey, Karie Hanger and two sons, Clayton “Lane” and Sean, Betty DeChenne and granddaughter, Justice, George and Violet Blakey, Monica Reemes, Karen Blakey, Beth Stafford and son, Jonathon Snelson, Ellis and Marsha Blakey, Delmar and Margaret Rosseau, Mark and Becky Davis, Wally and Brenda Switzer, Carla Budd and friend, Dave Rediske, John and Kathy Goss, Jim Goss and son, Jason, Mark Blakey, Mark Weston, Kelsey and her fiance’, Dustin Seaborn, Sherry had to babysit, Kendra Dering, Lakota Blakey, James and Kristie were putting up hay, Eric and Paula Vergouven with sons, Dalton and Devin, Justin Wright (son of Eric Wright), Vernal and Ellen Blakey, Gregory and Pam (Rackley), Grant, Hailey and Cameron, Cindy Brown, Cathy Cornett, Tyler and Kayla.

I think everyone had a good time.  I will see you all in two more years and I will be getting the correction sheets to our address book, to you all and to something else.  I will explain in my letter for the ones that didn’t make it this year.