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Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle

Bass fishing is now a night sport and based on a full parking lot at Pontiac Marina last Saturday a lot of people are fishing at night. Jigs and worms are working well after dark. Watermelon Candy (green and purple) jigs with a black or blue twin tail trailer were very effective. Worms like the red and gold flake, cherry seed and Larew’s tomato worm were all effective. Most bass were in the 12 to 22-foot range and the better bites came after the moon had been up awhile. Black worms and black jigs will work better later in the month  during the dark of the moon phase.

Walleye fishing has been good and seems to be getting better each week. Worm harnesses dragged behind a bottom bouncer are catching a lot of keeper walleye.  For those that like to troll deep diving crankbaits for walleye, the Berkley Flicker Shad is hard to beat. This plug comes in a variety of colors designed to turn walleye on. Seems like this toothy fish likes bright colors and the wilder looking the lure the better it produces.

This has been another great year for big bluegill. Live worms or the fake Gulp Crickets are great baits for these tasty panfish. The bigger bluegills can be found around brush piles or steep bluff walls. The bigger fish are usually about 20 feet deep. Lots of catfish are being caught also and the small bluegill are great as bait for these fish. Live worms, hot dogs or prepared catfish bait will all work to catch cats also. In addition to catching catfish on rods and reels, jug lines and trotlines are also producing good numbers of this tasty fish.

Be safe on the water and good fishing!