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Ava Art Guild Announces Spring Art Show Winners

The Ava Art Guild’s Spring Art Show has been termed a wonderful success. There were 110 entries in numerous categories including advanced and junior (under 18).
“The quality of the art is incredible at this year’s art show”, said Rita Fancher, Art Show director.
Here is a complete list of winners. The number depicts the place won, followed by the artist’s name and the name of the piece of art.
Beginner Oil
2-Liz Jenkins, “Lovely.”
Intermediate Oil
3-Carlene Jackson, “Gentle Spring.”
Advanced Oil
1-Jeannie Tredway, “Michael.”
1-Jeannie Tredway, “Emily.”
Advanced Watercolor
1-Suzy Meelhuysen, “Harness The Wind.”
2-Suzy Meelhuysen, “American Coinage.”
3-Mary Baumgardner, “Grandpa’s Barn.”
4-Deborah Lively, “Still Life.”
Beginner Pencil
1-Liz Jenkins, “Leaf Frog.”
3-C.P. Stillings, “Angela.”
Advanced Pencil
1-Jimmie Marler, “Oak Grove.”
2-Jeane Huff, “Dancing Gypsy.”
3-Jeanie Tredway, “Playing in the Leaves.”
Advanced Colored Pencil
1-Jeane Huff, “Tempestuous Tiger.”
2-Mary Baumgardner, “Iris.”
3-Mary Baumgardner, “Gone Fishin’.”
4-Mary Baumgardner, “Lone Wolf.”
Beginner Acrylic Painting
1-Jeanette Rees, “The Flock.”
2-Karen Brown, “Woodland Paradise.”
3-Karen Brown, “Goodnight Moon.”
4-Karen Brown, “My First Angel.”
Intermediate Acrylic Painting
1-Mary Baumgardner, “Peach Iris.”
2-Rachel Guilbeault, “High O’er the Lovely Hills.”
3-Rachel Guilbeault, “Guava Lilies.”
Advanced Acrylic Painting
1-Regina Robertson, “A Tribute To VanGogh.”
2-Donna Moskaly, “Easy Day.”
3-Connie Schmitt, “The Hem of His Garment.”
Beginner Pastel
1-Candace Butler, “Want To Play?”
2-Candace Butler, “Winter Cabin.”
3-Candace Butler, “Heron.”
Advanced Pastel
1-Deborah Lively, “Double Hibiscus.”
2-Deborah Lively, “A Tail of Three Zebras.”
3-Donna Howard, “Bodega Dunes.”
4-Donna Howard, “Reflections.”
Under 18 – Each piece of art is judged on its own merit not against other works of art.
1-Luke Howard, age 14, “Laptop.”
3-Luke Howard, “Mongoose.”
2-Luke Howard, “Starcraft.”
3-Rachel Howard, age 12, “Dali Clock.”
1-Luke Howard, “Illusions.”
1-Angel Perry, age 16, “Stillwaters.”
3-Luke Howard, “Robot.”
1-Brianna Robertson, “Origami Garden.”
4-Brittany Robertson, “Tricky Tree.”
1-Rachel Howard, “Self Portrait in Pink.”
2-Elizabeth Tredway, “Horse.”
2-Rachel Howard, “Floral Design.”
3-Ella Bingham, “The Red House.”
3-Rebecca Howard, “Howling at the Moon.”
3-Natalie Berthold, “Grapevine.”
1-Noelle Ballor, “Study of O’Keefe.”
1-Laura Berthold, “Picasso Stole My Hair.”
2-Twanda Glick, “(Magpie) The Flower Girl.”
2-Twanda Glick, “King Leo.”
1-Hunter Watson, “Babbling Brook.”
1-Hunter Watson, “Wings.”
1-Hunter Watson, “Spirea & Splitrail.”
2-Hunter Watson, “Foam.”
3-Hunter Watson, “Waterdrops.”
2-Hunter Watson, “Willow.”
Beginner Mixed Media
2-Carlene Jackson, “Rainy Day Fun.”
1-Carlene Jackson, “Tiger.”
Advanced Mixed Media
1-Connie Schmidt, “October Morning.”
2-Regina Robertson, “Let Freedom Ring.”
3-Bev Vyskocic, “Jewel of Summer.”
3-D Art
1-Celeste Prussia, “The Sentinels.”
2-(No Name), “Five Froggy Fish Tumblers.”
3-Rita Fancher, “Stoney Point Cottage.”
4-Mathias Penn, “Never Wilting Rose.”
1-Kathy Reser, “Egg Basket.”
2-Kathy Reser, “Small Egg Basket.”
Fiber Art
1-Weavers Guild, “Tapestry.”
2-Liz Jenkins, “Spinners Stash.”
Beginner Photography
1-Carlene Jackson, “Escape.”
Intermediate Photography
1-Gloria Watson, “Tiger Swallowtail.”
2-Gloria Watson, Untitled.
3-Gloria Watson, “Boday As Landscape.”
Advanced Photography
1-Jimmie Marler, “Boys Playing.”
2-Jimmie Marler, “Dylan.”
3-Jimmie Marler, “Big Springs.”
4-Sharon Marler, “Scenery Big Springs.”
Enhanced Special Effects Photography
1-Richmond Smith, “Strawberry Delight.”
2-Richmond Smith, “Red Hibiscus.”
3-Richmond Smith, “War Eagle Mill.”
4-Jessica Jenkins, “Mother’s Love.”
The show ran through June 2 and the public was asked to come by and see the art and vote for People’s Choice awards.
Visitors were asked to choose one adult and one junior piece of art to win people’s choice. At the end of the show votes were counted and the winner announced.
Jeane Huff’s painting of “The Koi Pond” was selected for Judge’s Choice and Hunter Watson won People’s Choice in the junior division. Carlene Jackson’s “Tiger” was People’s Choice in the adult division.
The gallery is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and viewing is free and open to the public.
Although the show has ended there are still pieces on display, as well as art and unusual gifts for sale at the Art Gallery. For more information on Art Guild events check out or email and find them on Facebook.