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Judge Dan Wade Attends 47th Annual Courts Conference

Judge Dan Wade recently attended the 2012 Annual Conference of Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association held at Lake of the Ozarks.

Judge Wade is the municipal judge for the cities of Mountain Grove, Mansfield, and Norwood.

Municipal judges are judges of the circuit courts, and are subject to requirements for continuing legal education in order to receive annual updates on new laws passed by the legislature, important decisions of the Supreme Court and the court of appeals as well as developments in the judicial branch of government.  Attendance at the three day annual conference of the MMACJA fulfills a significant part of that requirement.

The Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association is composed of municipal judges, both lawyer and non-lawyer, and associate circuit judges.  These judges preside over municipal and associate circuit courts in the state of Missouri.

The purpose of the Association is to assist and train its members to better perform their duties as judges.  Since its founding, the Association has grown from a small group of 12 to over 350 members.

Among the topics included in the 2012 Conference were updates on recently enacted laws, personal ethics for judges and court personnel, annual training on the new DWI law, K2 and synthetic cannabinoids, court and personal safety/security issues, and sovereign citizens.

Guests at this year’s conference included the State Auditor, National Center for State Courts, representatives from the U.S. Marshals Service, Dr. LeAnna Depue, and Missouri Department of Highway Safety.  Over 350 judges attended this 47th Annual Court Conference.