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Historical Society Holds Monthly Meeting May 21

The Douglas County Historical and Genealogical Society held its monthly meeting on May 21, in the Museum.

President Pat Carmichael called the meeting to order.  Sharon read the treasurer’s report and the minutes of the April meeting and they were approved.

The Summer 2012 Journal is at the printers and should be mailed next week.  Some of the stories are: dedication to Erma Evans, Jackson Mill, Ava was founded on $50, Lyons family, Hicks family, Krider family, Wood Family, only slaves in this county, Reuben Sorrell, Tooley stories and pictures of the Bob Holt-Edna Davis celebration.

Tommy Roberts gave an update on our new hours (Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.) and how the people are liking this and if we are getting enough people through for us to keep doing it.

Pat appointed Sally Hicks in charge of the nominating committee for the election of officers next month.

An update was given on the Bob Holt-Edna Davis celebration and we were well pleased with the turnout and the outstanding speakers  we had.

They were Lonny Thiele, Tommy Roberts, Joe Corum, Mark Hatcher, Marilyn Alms, Cathy Marriott, David Scrivner, Liz Amos and Rachel Hoagland.  If you missed it we had a good group of square dancing and excellent music.  A good time was had by all, and maybe we can do that again soon.  Appreciation goes to Primitive Tymes for the decoration, KKOZ and  Douglas County Herald for their help, and the Public Defenders office and Guthery Ava Storage  for the extra parking .

After a general discussion on some things that need to be done, a motion was made by J. D and seconded by Marilyn to adjourn.