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Douglas County Museum

Businesses advertising in the 1925 DOCOMO—W. R. Clinkingbeard Furniture and Undertaking.  Linoleum, rugs, traveling bags, trunks, Golden Star and O’Cedar Polish.  Picture frames made to order; window shades.  A complete line of undertaking goods, with auto hearse.

Ava Drug Store, J. B. Cunningham, druggist.  We carry everything usually carried in a first class drug store—Eastman Kodaks, films, finishing work.  Try our “All Knight” white sanitary fountain.  We assure our customers fair treatment.

Timberlake’s Good Coffee—the coffee that’s making Ava famous.

The Wilson Theatre, The Play House of Ava.  Good pictures in feature, serial, comedy, news.  Clean entertainment.

The Ozark Hotel offers first class accommodations at popular prices.  Running water, hot water heat, electric lights, modern conveniences.  American plan $2.25 per day.  Mrs. J. G. Stufflebeam, proprietor.

Getting an education is necessary.  Attending the Ava High School is an opportunity.  Seeing the Ozarks is worthwhile.  Owning a Ford is good judgment and economy.  Martin Motor Co. authorized Ford sales and service.  Harry Martin, proprietor.

In our music room on the first floor, we have a Stromberg Carlson black and white television (1946), Brunswick Victrola, RCA record player, vinyl records, pump organ, upright piano, Sony ten inch TV, Mazaratti 5 inch portable TV, DeLuxe Royal phonograph player, Motorola black and white TV, Bob Holt display recognizing his achievement as fiddle master in the Ozarks, with fiddle from Delbert Scrivner.  Edna Mae Davis danced many square dance numbers with Bob playing his fiddle and her picture hangs alongside a brief history of her.

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