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Jenkins-Applegate Reunion Held May 26

The descendants of the late Lee and Mavie (Applegate) Jenkins met at the Jenkins pavilion in Goodhope Saturday, the 26th for their 23rd year.

Norman, Glenn and Reatha are deceased. The five remaining children of Lee and Mavie hosted the event – Pauline, Georgia, Norma, Sue and Pete Jenkins.

Those attending were Peggy and Randy Jenkins and Susan, Danny and Beth Maloney, Brenden Maloney, Brooke and McKena, Kelly, DeAnn, Kinsey and Kyle Thompson, Dan and Karen Sanders, Stacey, Tyler, Hunter, Chelsie and Conner Randell, Tim, Jennifer and Hadley, Kate and Kylie Jenkins, Matt, Holly, Natalie and Preston Jenkins, Kimberly and Claire Stillings, Marion Morrow, David and Paula Brigance, Dale, Kelly, Joe and Deean Lord, Michell, Delana, Page, Morgan and Clayton Stark, John Steward, Kenny Hunt, Sheli, James and Tanner Madson, Wayne and Melinda Jenkins, Allen and Kathy Barker, Sue and Bill Johnson, Juanita Herrell, Ed Hall, Sandra Jenkins, Glenda, Mandie, Kendrick and Charlie Stuntz.