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James Bradshaw Recognized for 50 Years Of Driving a Bus for Norwood Schools

James Bradshaw of Norwood started driving a school bus for Norwood School in August of 1962.
Over the last 50 years he has carried several generations on his school bus. From one family he transported 14 of the 15 children on his bus over a period of 19 years.
James not only drives a route but also drives for field trips and ball games.  Even if a student at Norwood isn’t on his regular route they have probably ridden with him because of field trips or sporting events.  That’s a lot of students to transport over the years.
Those who have been fortunate enough to have ridden a bus driven by James Bradshaw, want to show their appreciation for his 50 years of dedication and even tempered personality.  Admitting they were not always on their best behavior, they want to let him know how much they appreciate him taking care of them and getting them there safely every time. “We look forward to seeing you on your school bus next year,” said a school official.
If you would like to send a card to James and maybe share a memory from when you rode his bus or to just say thank you his address is PO Box 83, Norwood, MO 65717.