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Rowland Report 5.17.2012

Greetings from your State Capitol.  I was excited to hear we get to keep our Post Offices.  The hours of operation may change but at least they will remain open.


This has been a very tense week here in Jefferson City with the deadline of the budget approval on Friday.  The budget was hung up in the Senate on Monday and Tuesday.  A compromise was reached and the conference committee hammered out the details and the budget was approved Thursday.  Most of the negatives of the new budget were worked out to where all parties were at least in partial agreement to the end budget.  For a more in-depth look you can go to the House of Representatives website at and look at bills: HB2001 – HB 2013.


In other action this week:


HCS SB 455 enacts a statewide reverse transfer policy.  This means that a student transferring from a community college or a two-year school to a four-year school would be able to earn an associate degree under the original school’s requirements.  By utilizing this reverse transfer, these students would still be eligible to receive an associate degree once requirements were met, keeping them from simply dropping out and not completing a degree program.


HCS SS SCS SB 470 prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle with dyed fuel on a public highway and transportation of quantity shipments of radioactive materials.  It modifies provisions relating to the regulation of household goods movers.  It is one of several efforts to promote economic growth by removing outdated barriers or limitations, allowing Missourians to grow or expand their businesses.


HCS HB 1106 was Truly Agreed and will go to the Governor for signature.  This bill will require a county collector or collector-treasurer to reside in the county from which he or she was elected throughout his or her term of office.  It also requires a candidate for the position to be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the county for at least one year prior to the date of filing, a registered voter, and to have paid all state income, personal, and real property taxes.  This bill makes county collector requirements consistent across the state.


HB 1188 was also Truly Agreed; it will establish a procedure under which a school nurse may administer asthma-related rescue medication.  A school board may authorize a licensed nurse or employee to maintain a supply of medication and to determine how much medication should be maintained.  This will be very beneficial to students who struggle with asthma.


SCS HCS HB 1731, Truly Agreed, changes the laws regarding the distribution of gaming moneys.  The main focus of the bill is to provide more funding for the Veterans’ Commission Capitol Improvement Fund.  Other areas of change include more funding to the Early Childhood Development and Education and Care Fund.


SCS SB 715 allows the Adjutant General to waive on a case-by-case basis, the current maximum age limit of 64 for service in the state militia.


HCS SCS SB 591 modifies several provisions of law relating to  state and local revenues, provisions of law that specify the application of a particular interest rate and the authority of fire protection districts.


HCS SS SCS SB 595 transfers the administration of special education due process hearings from the State Board of Education to the Administrative Hearing Commission.


Only one more week and the 96th General Assembly will adjourn for the final time.  I’m sure we will all look back and see what we accomplished and what we didn’t.  I thank the people of the 143rd district for allowing me to represent them in State Government.