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Looking Backward 5.17.2012

25 Years Ago

May 14, 1987


Members of the Ava High School graduating class of 1925 gathered for a 62nd anniversary reunion at the Alumni Banquet last Saturday evening.  Members of the class attending the reunion were Lyle Pettit, Ray Harnden, William Baker, Warren Stufflebeem, Gladys Parcels Taber, Ruby Sturman Mackey, Dorothy Taber Hughes, and Ragie Sturman Estep.

PJ’s Chicken and Deli opened last week with grand opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Elected president of the Alumni Association for the 1986-88 year was Patty Sawyer Dooms. Vice-president is Oren Alcorn, with Edwin Hailey to serve as secretary-treasurer.

Kim Grigg set a new Ava Jr. High School record in shot put and discus this year, and Leigh Lakey set a new school record in 800 meter run.

Hubert Welton scored a hole-in-one at the Ava Country Club golf course Tuesday afternoon.  Welton’s ace came on the 15-yard No. 7 green, on a 5-wood shot.

Bible drillers representing Ava First Southern Baptist Church in the state finals are Chip Silvey, Justin Stahlman, Sarah Silvey, Anica Winkle and Heather Carrier.

WASOLA –– Rondo Prock of Ava was a Sunday afternoon visitor of Tilford Clayton.

Champions of the Ava Junior High Spelling Bee are Scotty Por­terfield, Curtis Nelson, Becky Arnold, grand champion; Virgil Everett, Holly Stillings, Christina Robertson, Angela Huffaker and Mela Gulick.

BRIXEY – No man ever injured his eyesight by looking on the bright side of things.


50 Years Ago

May 10, 1962


The Missouri Press Association Saturday named 50 Missouri weekly newspapers as recipients of its annual Blue Ribbon awards for all-round excellence.  There are 314 weekly newspapers in the state.  Weekly newspapers that won Blue Ribbon awards for all-round ex­cellence included the Douglas County Herald, Ava.

James Shollenberger, son of Mr. and Mrs. King Shollenberger of Ava, has been named as valedicto­rian of the 1962 graduating class of Ava High School, and Miss Sue Herd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Herd of Ava, as salutatorian.

A superior rating was awarded the Ava High Echo, school bi­monthly publication, in the Mis­souri Interscholastic Press Associa­tion’s 1961-62 newspaper contest at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  The Echo is published under the direction of Mrs. Shirley Piland, publications class instructor.

The 1960 Census of Housing counted 3,546 housing units in Douglas County.  Of these housing units, 2,945 were occupied and 601 vacant, while 1,147 were listed in sound condition with all plumbing and 2,328 were occupied by own­ers. The median value of owner-occupied places was under $5,000.

The Ava Methodist Men’s Club, organized here recently, was pre­sented a charter following a 6 a.m. breakfast Tuesday morning.  There were 44 charter members in attend­ance at the breakfast.  Officers are Virgil Kester, treasurer; Vance Moore, reporter; L.M. Heigham, secretary; Herman Mullen, vice president; and Carl Henley, presi­dent.

A surprise birthday dinner was held Sunday, April 29, in the coun­try home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Prine, at Smallett, when 61 rela­tives and friends gathered to honor Mr. Prine on the anniversary of his birthday.

A wedding shower honoring Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Holman was held Wednesday night, May 2, in the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Billie Webb, Route 5, Ava.

Mr. and Mrs. Dee Cutbirth (Peggy Heriford) of Ava announce the birth of a son Wednesday, May 2, at St. John’s hospital in Spring­field. The baby weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces and he has been named Danny Lee.

Corrine Beason, student at Ava High School, has been awarded the trophy for outstanding work in home economics.

There’s a number of stories cir­culating as to how Dr. Howard Curry killed a 21-pound tom turkey for the only bag by an Ava hunter on the second day of the three-day season – but they are untrue.  A little snooping shows positively that the gobbler had not been pre­viously struck by a car, nor had there been a rope around his neck, nor was it from a tame flock. . . The straight of it, as finally and reluc­tantly told by brother Jim, was that the turkey had his neck caught in a woven wire fence.

Mr. and Mrs. Bretney Sims and daughters, Sherry and Katie, who recently purchased the Mrs. Addie Davis property located on Webster Street in southwest Ava, moved to the residence on Monday, April 30.


75 Years Ago

May 13, 1937


Annual “sneak” day was ob­served by seniors of Ava High School Tuesday. Fifty boys and girls who are to graduate next week played hookey from their classes and went to Trotters cave west of Ava, for an all day picnic. The senior class sponsor, Miss Una Ellison and Mrs. Clarence Spurlock accompanied the seniors on their picnic.

The baseball season will be opened here Sunday with a game in the city ballpark between Ava and Mansfield. The probable starting lineup will have H. Smith at short­stop, Roscoe Hill at third base, Phillip Brown at first base, Norman Garrison in centerfield, Ray Isham in the pitcher’s box, Rippee in left field, Y.C. Bruce at second base, Brixey or Noble Livingston in right field and Orville Nall, catching.

A Frigidaire storage cabinet of forty-gallon capacity was installed by the Norman-Gentry Drug store last week to provide auxiliary stor­age space for ice cream. With the new cabinet the store’s ice cream department now has a storage capacity of 120 gallons.

Ranger and Mrs. Peter W. Fletcher will hold open house at the ranger station at the southern city limits on Highway 5 next Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher recently moved into their new home at the forest administration site.

Ava should be proud of her splendid new courthouse but it’s going to take some living up to . . .

One of our friends burned five gallons of gasoline the other day driving forty miles to the city where he saved ten cents on a dozen cans of tomatoes.

J. Edgar Hoover is reported as having made the statement that every one of the G-Men that have been killed in line of duty has been killed by paroled convicts.

Welding –– Have an expert do your electric or acetylene welding. Be sure the job is done right and the repair permanent.  Can weld motor blocks, motor heads, water tanks, castings of all kinds.  Hutchinson’s Electric Welding Shop, one block west of Citizens Bank, across street from Ava Sales Barn.

CROSS ROADS –– Mr. and Mrs. Amos Shackelford are the proud parents of a baby boy who made his arrival Monday, May 10. The baby was named Glenn Wayne.

EAST DOGWOOD –– Mrs. Willie Hutchinson and Mrs. Erma Evans of Ava spent Sunday after­noon with Mrs. Ella Latham.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rogers are the proud parents of a baby girl who arrived Thursday, May 6. The baby has been given the name of Norma Gene. Mrs. Putman was with Mr. Rogers from Thursday until Saturday.

WHITES CREEK –– Among those attending the community singing in Ava Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lakey and sons, Homer and Virgil; Mr. and Mrs. Harley Kirkland and daughter Delsie Mae; Misses Dorothy and Hazel Belle Daugherty and Howard Daugherty.


100 Years Ago

May 16, 1912


We have heard it said recently that land around Ava is too high. Well, it might seem high,, but when we consider the fact that most of the good land in both the east and west is not for sale at any reasona­ble price, and much of it is not for sale at all, it does not seem so high. There is not a place in America where good land can be had as cheap and on such easy terms, as in this section of the country.

Miss Hellen Gould, of New York, possessor millions of dollars visited the Ozarks this week. Yes­terday she stopped at Hollister, Taney County, and made some flattering remarks about the coun­try. She was on a special train, and accompanied by several of the Mis­souri Pacific Ry. officials, enroute for an extended trip through the west.

President Taft signed the Sher­wood service pension bill last Sat­urday night at 12 o’clock and it became a law.  Increased pensions are provided to those who served ninety days in the Civil War and those who served at least sixty days in the Mexican War.

A determined effort is being made at the present session of Con­gress to secure a legislature for Alaska.

Notwithstanding the fact that farmers are all busy there was at one time last Monday thirty farm teams hitched around the public square in Ava, and nearly as many saddle horses.  Ava is only a small town, but is one of the best trading points in this part of the state.

J.T. Singleton has just recently had a new concrete block founda­tion put under his residence west of the schoolhouse.

Chester L. McCahell and Miss Amy Turner of west of town were married at County Recorder Cur­nutt’s office last Tuesday morning. Probate Judge Lawrence S. Davis pronounced the ceremony that made them man and wife. It was a very quiet affair, as there were only enough present to witness the event.

“The James Boys in Missouri” is the name of a play that will be put on at the Wilson Opera House in Ava under the auspices of the Ava Commercial Band on Saturday evening, May 25, 1912. The two darky characters in the play will keep you laughing from start to finish, and the other features are first class.  Home talent is giving the play and the proceeds go to the support of the band.  The boys need new uniforms and new music and occasionally they need new instru­ments, which they are not always able to buy.  Admission to see the play is 20 and 25 cents.  It is a western drama in four acts and is the sensation of the day in the mid­dle and western part of the United States.


125 Years Ago

April 21, 1887


We understand Capt. J.K. Reed has been employed to assist in the defense of the Christian County Bald Knobbers charged with the murder of Green and Edens.

The remains of President and Mrs. Lincoln were privately taken from their secret resting place, and interred in the north vault of the Lincoln monument in Oak Ridge Cemetery near Springfield, Illinois.  An attempt to carry off the bodies, in 1886, was the cause of a for­mation of a guard of honor, which organization secreted them, and now have surrendered their charge. Great care was taken to keep the affair a profound secret and only a few besides the little know of guards were present.

The first installment of the ca­nine detectives arrived here this morning in the shape of three pow­erful hounds of the kind used be­fore the war to catch runaway slaves. They are about 14 months old, are named Rusky, Niger and Joe, and did not look very furious as they faced a curious crowd in the station house before the opening of court.  They were obtained at a cost of $200 from Fiser & Yagerat the convict camp near Friar’s Point, Miss.

An ordinance was recently passed by San Jose, Cal. council declaring Chinatown a nuisance and directing the city attorney to take steps “legal or otherwise” to have it removed or abated.

C. & H.S. Wilson have pur­chased the farm of J.D. Pettyjohn on Bryant known as the Wm. Hop­per place for $1,400.

The post office at Springfield has been moved into the new Cravens building in the southeast corner of the public square.

VERA CRUZ NOTES –– Forest fires have been the rage around here, and owing to the wind and the extreme dryness of the leaves and brush, they were uncontrollable.

CLAY TOWNSHIP ITEMS –– We hope to hear soon of Ava hav­ing a high school and believe such would be liberally patronized from this part of the county.

COWSKIN ITEMS –– P.C. Bragg has set up his blacksmith shop. As he had no house he set up under a shed in one corner of his wheat field, guess he will have plenty of room.

Capt. Huffman built 20 feet of rock fence and hauled the rock in one day.

Wm. Darrow has built 100 yds. of rock fence. He has reset the old one and fixed up the farm till it looks like a new one.

MANSFIELD NOTES –– The “tie train” was here Saturday and Nosh Nichols was around with the coons looking after his interests.

Col. L.O. Hailey has purchased the Mt. Grove Breeze office. He will move it to Ava and publish a straight Democratic paper.  This is according to Hoil. “Hew to the line,” brother. We’ll do the same.

Frederick King of Marshfield has purchased the Webster Stand­ard. Mr. King is an old and experi­enced newspaperman and we con­gratulate the Republicans of that place upon having found a man that will be a credit to their official organ.