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Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle

Bass fishing is alive and well according to the pros that fished the lake last week. Of the more than 100 boats only three had less than a limit on the first day, and several had over 20 lbs. I guess that’s why they are pros. For you and me bass can be caught in a number of different ways. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, rattletrap type baits and numerous soft plastics are working. Carolina rigged lizards, Texas rigged brushhogs, and shakey head worms are also working. Some fish are also falling for the Bama rig. This rig will be the go-to bait as the spawn ends and the bass start feeding actively. Any day the top water bite should start also.

Walleye are being caught trolling deep diving plugs and dragging worm harnesses. When using a worm harness try pinching any excess worm off and you will get more hook ups. If there is any worm trailing the back hook, walleye have a tendency to suck the whole worm off and not get hooked. Dragging a worm harness is also a good way of catching big bluegills, and they are as good an eating fish as any in the lake. Crappie fishing has been hit and miss. Your best chance is to fish a Swimming Minnow or chrome head jig in areas where they should be spawning.

There are several new soft plastic baits that look promising for our area. One is a craw jig trailer made by Ozark Tackle out of St. Louis, and the other is a brush hog type bait called the Smokin Rooster by Strike King. I tried the Smokin Rooster and was very impressed. The Rooster will also be a good night bait and comes in several fish catching colors.