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Meghan Whitacre Is Big Winner In Skyline Science Fair

The Skyline School annual Science Fair was held March 29 with competition from 4th grade to 8th grade.  A total of 47 projects were presented for judging by the students and K-3rd grade presented class projects for viewing during the fair with kindergarten giving a presentation on how volcanoes work.
Grand champion of this year’s fair was Meghan Whitacre presenting a project on the Effects of Essential Oils on Bacteria Growth.   Meghan also won 1st place in the 8th grade class competition, with Sage Clunn capturing 2nd place, and Ashley McCoy placing 3rd.
Seventh grade class winners were:  1st place, Mark Blakey; 2nd place, Tristen Shearer; and 3rd place, Gaven Keith.
Sixth grade class winners were 1st place Karisa Volner; 2nd place Skyla Boyd and 3rd place Willie Crawford.
Fifth grade class winners were 1st place, Derek Camp; 2nd place, Jasmine Cannucci; and 3rd place, Morgan Whitacre.
Fourth grade class winners were 1st place, Newt Souder; 2nd place, Gavin Sartor; and 3rd place, Maria Penn.
Skyline School appreciates all the support for the science fair, from the judges, faculty and staff of Skyline School, parents and especially students that worked hard for such a successful night of science.