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Church Will Add Youth Facility

The congregation of Highway Church of the Nazarene moved outside Easter Sunday morning for a brief groundbreaking ceremony just north of the church where a two-story youth facility will be added. The addition will connect to the existing church gymnasium which can be seen in the photo above. At right is Pastor Mark Hatcher and holding shovels are individuals selected at random to represent various phases of ministry at Highway Church. From right they are Brooke Henry, Dylan Caruso, Stefanie Ellis, Jack Charchol and Brian Blakey. Standing in back of that group are members of the church board including (from left): Justin Colburn, Rod VanDyne, Andrew Harden, Don Scrivner, Keith Moore, Greg Davis, Brad Sterling, Midge Evans, Tiffany Gray and Janet Sterling. Board members not pictured are Wilda Watterson, Craig Murray and Don Hanger.