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Celebration Honors Hutchisons On 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was a covert operation…

Saturday, March 31, there was quite the gathering at the home of Fred and Connie Bacorn.  Cause for the celebration was Pat and Jack Hutchison’s upcoming 50th anniversary and the celebration of Joanna Wood’s freedom from cancer.

There is not enough ink or paper to go into detail of the “goings on” that led up to this event.  However, you may at some point be able to purchase the book from Amazon.   Let’s just say one party was told the celebration was for the other party and vice versa.  Many gray hairs later it has come to the decision of the committee that there will be no more surprise parties due to the stress of trying to keep stories straight, and keep one step ahead of Joanna.

Those in attendance were Pat and Jack Hutchison, Kelly and Mike Timpe, Dirk, Suzanne and Grant Timpe, CJ and Shakiya Timpe, Jim and Sharlott Pickens, Myrna and Wayne Cremeens, Judy and Ed Kent, Joanna and Alan Wood, Cindy Venable, Debbie, Mike and Wyatt Shattuck, Fred and Connie Bacorn, Paige and Nick Kessler, Stacey Bacorn, Billy Jo and Eunice Evans, Dean and Barbara Ridenour, Maxine Odom, Aeriel and John Otto, Junior and Rosalie Duckworth, Souder and Joanne Livingston, Mildred Watson, Joe, Faye and Taylre Griffin and Tom and Mary Martha Williams

Dinner fare for the day was barbecue and various sides provided by guests (all of which are crazy mad cooks.)

After everyone finished eating, Jack and Pat, flanked by their best man (Fred) and maid of honor (Myrna) were serenaded by Mary Martha Williams beautifully delivering an all time classic, “Always.”  Yes, there were a few leaking eyes.   Cake was then cut and served.

There was much laughter and lots of love shared and great memories made on a day in the country where the weather was nothing short of perfect.