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Big Bob's Fishing Report

By Bob Stickles-Big Bob’s Bait & Tackle

Bass fishing is in the pre-spawn mode and these fish can be caught on a variety of baits. Carolina rigged lizards, spinnerbaits, Flukes, soft plastics and just about anything in your tackle box will work. When using a Fluke try combining it with a Scrounger Jig for more action as bass can’t seem to resist it. Most fish will be from the bank out to 18 feet and can be caught from the brush out to the deeper water. It is time for top water frogs in the brush line to work also.

Crappie should be moving to the spawning areas and Swimming Minnows work well on these fish. Most fish should be in the 12 to 15 foot range and when you find one crappie you usually find a bunch. Walleye can be taken on worm harnesses and Rogues and on many of the baits used for bass.  Sucker grabbing has also begun.

Trotlining for catfish is under way and worms or small bluegill are great baits. With warmer than usual water temperatures this fishery has started earlier than normal. White bass are every where and can be caught on Swimming Minnows, Yozuri Pin Minnows and the small Rapala x-Rap. On Norfork the hybrids are active on the northern part of the lake.

Big bluegills are abundant again this year and they are as good an eating fish in the lake. Live worms or crickets are the best baits for these tasty pan fish. We how have bulk worms in stock and they come in a small cooler that fits in your fridge.

If you have not been fishing this year it is time to go. Good weather, active fish and decent lake levels are making for a good fishing experience. See you on the water.