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Fourth Sunday Singing

The regular 4th Sunday Singing was at Breedon, March 25.  The welcome was given by Emcee, Sybil Gheer; Bro. Joe Lafferty opened with prayer; song  books were distributed/collected by Freeman Porter.  There were 34 present and 36 songs shared.  The Singing will be at Gentry Church, April 22.

Participating instrumentalists: Piano: Sybil Gheer, Jena Moyer, Susie Sisco, Judy Willis; Guitar: Roy Hampton, Bob Huskey, Joe Lafferty, Edgar Stewart; Harmonica: Bob Sothman, Sybil Gheer, Mary Bumgardner; Mandolin: Jeff Biaggi; String Bass: Michael Peebles; Violin: Violet Lakey, Diane Peebles; Banjo: Mary Bumgardner.

Special musicSolo’s: Bob Huskey, Sharon Skaggs, Edgar Stewart, Pauline Welker; Duets: Bob Huskey and Susie Sisco, Bob Huskey and Mary Bumgardner; Trio: Heritage Singers: Edgar Stewart, Jerry and Jena Moyer; and Heidi Parker, Susie Sisco, and Michael Peebles; Quartet: Heidi Parker, Michael Peebles, Diane Peebles, Susie Sisco; church groups: Breedon: Joe and Clara Lafferty, Judy Willis, Susie Sisco, and Ronnie Thomas; Gentry: Joie Welker, Pauline Welker, Ronnie Thomas; musicians: Bob Sothman, Jeff Biaggi, Mary Bumgardner, Roy Hampton, Violet Lakey, Michael and Diane Peebles; and the final special was provided by the preachers.

The following churches were recognized:  Ava General Baptist, Breedon, Bruner Baptist, Dogwood Nazarene, Gentry, Goodhope General Baptist,  Hilonesome, Life, Murray, Oak Grove, Sweden.

Preachers: Joe Lafferty, Roy Hampton, Bob Huskey, Michael Peebles, Pauline Welker.  The Singing was dismissed by Sis. Norva Strong.