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Council To Continue Sidewalk Improvement Project, Accepts Bid From Monett Firm

City officials convened Tuesday evening to news that the City of Ava had received a higher than usual evaluation rating from MIRMA (Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association) during a recent assessment from the firm, and on-site visit.

In past years, the City of Ava has placed well in the rating system, as MIRMA assessments have consist­ently ranked 96 or 97-percent dur­ing 2008 to 2011. However, this time, City personnel received a 99-percent assessment score on their annual evaluation and calendar year assessment.

Administrative Director Peggy Porter noted one of the changes the City implemented this year was the creation of a loss prevention manual, which was a positive factor for the City’s rating.  Each year, MIRMA works with the City to create a loss prevention program tailored to meet the City of Ava’s specific risks and needs.

Janice Lorrain, of planning and development, was given permission to pursue a grant opportunity called Tree Resource Improvement (TRIM), which is being offered through the Missouri Department of Conservation.  If awarded, funds will be used to beautify the Ava Cemetery with trees.  The total grant is $16,500, with the City responsible for $6,600.   The grant application is due June 1, 2012.

Lorrain also reported bids for the next sidewalk improvement project were opened last Thursday, but only one bid application was submitted on the project, and it was $16,000 over budget.  She noted the bid was received from CBH of Monett, Mo., and the company’s work history and references checked out very well.

Lorrain said CBH’s bid contained some cost factors that would not be needed for this set of improvements, such as moving poles for $30,000.  Therefore, even though the bid was higher, some costs listed in the bid would not be used as projected.

Consequently, Lorrain told the aldermen they could choose one of the following three options:

– reject the bid from CBH and rebid the project, which will take the project off schedule;

– reduce the scope of the overall project, and again, go off schedule;

– or accept the bid as submitted and be willing to absorb the overage amount, if it occurs.

Council voted 4-0 to accept the bid from CBH of Monett, Mo. and continue the sidewalk project as scheduled. Deadline for accepting the bid is April 1, 2012.

In closed, the council hired James Hathcock as League Director over the summer program which includes baseball, softball and t-ball.

An Ava resident appeared before council asking for help from the city and the sanitation department on a beautification project.  According to the resident, a group of students is interested in picking-up trash in town as an afterschool service project. The individual wanted to know if the city would agree to pick up and dispose of the bags once students have completed the task.

Officials noted that as long as the refuse is placed on the city right-of-ways, and not on personal property, bags will be picked up as needed.

Councilmen present were: Ric Engelhardt, Burrely Loftin, Judy Lovan and Bill Long.

The next council meeting is set for Tuesday, March 27, 5:00 p.m. in council chambers at Ava City Hall.