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Chris Degase Is Candidate for Reelection As Douglas Co. Sheriff

Sheriff Chris Degase is publicly announcing his candidacy for reelection this week. Degase made the following statement in announcing his candidacy.
“I am Chris Degase and I’m running on the Republican ticket for Douglas County Sheriff. As your current Douglas County Sheriff, I would first like to thank the Citizens of Douglas County for electing me and affording me the opportunity to serve you in the capacity of Sheriff for the last 3 years.
“It would be dishonest for me to say it has all been smooth sailing since my taking office and everything has gone perfect. I only know One that is perfect. However, I do believe many of the issues I ran on in 2008 I have fulfilled. I believed I have worked hard as your Sheriff and that my staff and I have made Douglas County a better place to live.
“I have developed a close working relationship with the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control, whom I have utilized to assist me with two of the three Homicides that have occurred in Douglas County. Also upon taking office, we successfully arrested a suspect in an unsolved, cold case homicide that occurred in Douglas County.
“The Ava Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has developed a strong working relationship between one another, by assisting each other on various cases, dispatching and answering phones for each other when technical difficulties occur, and assisting with calls when one or the other may be tied up on emergency calls.
“The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has became actively involved in the Ava R1 School District by conducting canine searches at the school, participating in the Bears Den Program, by assisting with the school’s safety plans regarding school intruders, and hosting a field trip day for Coach Kyger’s Health Class to tour the jail. We also speak with the students regarding criminal issues and the day to day operation of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.
“My emphasis when I ran for Sheriff the first term was to focus on the unsolved homicides, the drugs, stealing, manufacturing of methamphetamines and keeping you the Citizens informed of what crimes are occurring in Douglas County. These are still my priorities. In the past three years all homicides have been solved, the drug arrest tripled, thousands of dollars of stolen property recovered with many suspects arrested, charged and prosecuted.
“My wife Alicia and I believe as an elected official it is imperative to give back to our community, thus we annually host the Coats for Kids Softball Tournament which has provided over 200 coats to children within our community and participated in various benefit activities.
“I am a member of the Missouri Sheriffs Association, served as Co-Chair on the South Central Drug Task Force, member of the local C.H.A.R.T., member of the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce, Bear Booster Club member, I am the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Certified Firearms Instructor, Conceal Carry Instructor and without saying, I 100% support the 2nd Amendment which allows lawful Citizens to bear arms.
“I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for your vote on August 7th, and if the voters of Douglas County are willing, I would love the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff for another four years.”
Paid for by Chris Degase