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Starworkers Club

We had our February meeting 23, 2012 due to bad weather on the 14th. We opened our meeting with the Pledge of the Allegiance and the Club Collect by all.

Sharon Loesch, our president, Billy Fletcher, Marie King, Charlie Lindberg, Carol Riggs, Macie Shireman and Kitty Descholean were all present.

Devotional given by Marie was “A Special Letter.” Games were played by all; Can You Match These Colorful Song Titles and Find Word Games. Roll Call was “A Valentine You Remember.”

During the business portion of the meeting minutes were read of our last meeting and were approved and the Treasurer’s report was read by Billy.

The next Douglas County Council Meeting is scheduled for March 15, 2012 from 9-11 a.m.

Macie read The Lifeline, then our meeting was closed by Macie saying prayer and we had dinner and visited. We passed out our Valentines we made for each other. We had Valentine boxes.

Next meeting will be at Charlie’s, March 13. Roll Call will be Worst Storm You Remembered.