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Ava Area Animal Welfare League Junior Met February 21, 2012.

The Ava Area Animal Welfare League Junior met in regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 21st. Members in attendance were: Mary Chipps, Betty Stout, Karen Davis, Rachel Pitts, Maria Linder, Kacie Abels, Brandy Johnson, Barbara Andrus, Paul McKee, and Marilyn Alms.

Our meeting focus was finances. Members were presented spreadsheets listing income and expenditures for the year of 2011. Our organization raised $4,257.27 (via grants, fundraising activities, yard sale, donation cans, and individual donations). We have given back to the Ava community $4,150.55 primarily paid to veterinarians to help offset the cost for their services with our spay/neuter programs. In the past few years we have really increased the number of pets getting spayed/neutered and decreased the number of unwanted animals roaming around. Throughout 2010, we were able to help fifty-seven (57) pet owners get reduced spay/neuter cost. In comparison, in 2011, we were able to help 116 pet owners. We appreciate everyone who has made donations, help write grants, worked at the yard sale or Farmer’s Market, or assisted us to keep this program growing and working. Your time and effort is appreciated.

We have submitted another grant to the “I’m Pet Friendly” Spay/Neuter Grant project and should know the results by our next meeting date.

We appreciate the individual donor who has contributed money to help the students working on promoting local pound adoptions.

We can be contacted be email at  or you can now see us on the web at Our new webpage is a work-in-progress an will continue to grow. Our next monthly meeting will be March 20th at 3:30 PM in Mrs. Karen Davis’ classroom on the Ava R-1 Schools campus.