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Ava FFA Hosts Blood Drive Feb. 15

On Feb. 15 the Ava FFA Chapter hosted a blood drive sponsored by the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks at the Ava Performing Arts Center.

All the blood collected by the CBCO stays locals and supports 37 hospitals in southern Missouri, northwest Arkansas and southeast Kansas. All blood and blood products transfused to patients in these hospitals come from donors like you. Each day, it takes more than 275 blood donations to meet the needs of patients in the CBCO supplied hospitals. Unfortunately, while 60 percent of the population is eligible to give blood, only 5 percent choose to do so. Someone in the Ozarks need blood every five minutes.

Out of the 102 donors, 28 were first time donors. Those giving blood were: Ryan Aguair, Connie Allsup, Robert Allsup, Jerry Arnold, Steven Bahnmiller, Katie Balassone, Cody Bellman-Hart, Ryan Breshears, Jessica Burress, Darian Bushong, Phyllis Campbell, Anthony Carmichael, George Creson, Judy Curry.

Ashton Davis, Emily Denney, Jason Dias, Sally Dickinson, Kevin Dougherty, Timmy Dougherty, Dewayne Ducker, James Elijah, Morgan Emerich, Kendra Etenburn, James Farina, Ulla Farrow, Ciara Fossett, Mindy Fossett-McFarlin, David Frohman, Taylor Ganzer, Glenda Haden, Donna Hall, Lakita Harlan, James Heath, Nicholas Helm, Tina Henry, Mark Henry, Lydia Howerton.

Thomas Imhoff, Damien Jenkins, Crystal Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Esther Johnson, Patrick King, Claudia Lafferty, Brecken Lewis, Burrel Loftin, Russell Loftin, Jason Macy, Shaylen Miller, Sydney Miller-Larson, Courtney Mings, Dean Mitchell, Jared Mitchell, Alicia Morpeth, Rebecca Neal, Shanda Norton, Becky O’Dell, Lauren Patton, Jasmine Phillips, Cole Porter, Trey Everett, Carmen Potts, Amanda Ramsey, Nichole Randolph, Janice Rawlings, Deevala Rawlings, Raymond Reynolds, Augusta Rideeoutte, Barbara Ridenour, Ashley Riggs, Sam Robertson, Angel Roy, Katy Russell.

David Sayre, Mary Sayre, Billie Schuster, Kendra Schuster, Jeanne Scrivner, Tim Scrivner, Seth Shots, Sharon Skaggs, Justin Skaggs, Jeff Smalley, Julia Spurlock, Alvin Stone, Belva Tarrant, Chris Taylor, Walter Thorne, Brianna Tiff, LeeAnn Tomlinson, Lacey Tucker, Sharon Vance, Maynard Wallace, Cody Wallace, Kim Watkins, Makenzie Watterson, Stephanie Whiteman, Haley Williams, Courtney Wilson, Alisha Womack, and Kayla Yost.

Eighty-two usable units of blood were collected. The next blood drive will be Friday, April 13, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm in the Ava High School Performing Arts Center.