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White River Electric Valley legal


White River Valley Electric Cooperative owes money to the following past members and has not been able to contact them.  If your name appears on the list below or if you have information about the location of a person on this list, please write to the Accounting Department, White River Valley Electric Cooperative, P. O. Box 969, Branson, MO  65615, or call 1-800-879-4056 (toll free from the 417 area code) or 417-335-9335 and ask for the Accounting Department.

Azcueta, Del

Brooling, Larry

Brown, Larry Joe 

Chapman, Roger D.

Combs, Camille

Culler, Shanon

Cyrier, William A.

Dillion, Kieron

Fahring, Vanessa

Gardner, Shane

Ghile, Mulugeta (Mike)

Graves, Micah

Graves, Micah

Halle, Richard

Hartley, Sharon L.

Hastings, Valerie

Johnston, Patrick A.

Joy, Byron

Knight, Violet R.

Knudson, Robert

Leibe, Margaret W.

Lillie, Michael

Long, Maria A.


Meadows, Minnie

Meyer, Cory

Milligan, Robert

Ostrander, Sabrina

Paradise Point Resort

Patterson, Zac

Poe, Lawanda

Rainey, Ward

Rhodes, Marla

Romano, Joan

Saddler, Roscoe

Schutt, Darrel

Sidener, Virgil L.

Stover, Cathy

Stracener, Drew

Thompson, Julia

Thrap, Emogene

Tillman, Andrea E.

Trimble, Ross

VanBooven, James

Walker, Donna

Weirich, Tessie A.

Wheeler, Mark