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The Snoop 2.1.2012

Next time you sit down at one of those new plastic lumber picnic tables consider this: The TerraCycle company, in an effort to reduce the amount of stuff going to the landfill, is working on creating plastic lumber for pallets and outdoor furniture from disposable diapers.
For the past several months the Herald has been receiving a paper called “Waste & Recycle.” I’ll have to admit some of the stories are interesting, but they are also about the grossest things I have ever read.
Not long ago I read a really heart-warming story about a man who accidentally threw his wife’s wedding ring out with the trash. With the help of the people at the recycling center associated with the disposal company, he actually found the ring worth several thousand dollars among a mountain of trash. He did have to stop and vomit a couple of times while looking, however.
There is no glory in being a garbage man. But I can say without reservation that I have the utmost respect for them. Even in our own city of Ava, the garbage collectors have one of the most dangerous jobs in City Utilities.
They’re out there, early morning, hot or cold, riding on the back of a truck whether its 110 in the shade or raining cats and dogs. Although the trucks are equipped with emergency flashers and all the latest gadgets to enhance safety, still it’s a dangerous job…and certainly not one to talk about at the dinner table.
* * *
Dorial Green-Beckham, the nation’s most highly-recruited high school athlete, announced on Wednesday that he will attend college and play football at the Univeristy of Missouri.
The 6-foot-6, 220 pound wide receiver from Springfield’s Hillcrest High School, attracted the attention of the national news media months ago and his signing Wednesday morning certainly was not overlooked. The 9:15 signing was held according to ESPN’s schedule.
Dorial Green was born in St. Louis but was adopted by the Beckham family in Springfield.
Rumor has it that Coach Dan Swofford has been asking if there are other kids in the family that need a good home. (In serious honesty, I should not make light of this situation because Dorial does have a younger brother, Darnell, who also lives with the Beckham family, and has been diagnosed with cancer. We wish him the best as he battles pressures that I cannot even imagine.)
Although touted for his outstanding play as a football wide receiver, Green-Beckham was also the most valuable player on a 2010 Hillcrest basketball team that won the Class 5 championship; and in track and field, he claimed two individual titles in 100-meter dash and triple jump, and finished second in the long jump.
In addition to Missouri and Arkansas, Green-Beckham was also being wooed by Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas.