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Letter to the Editor – Voting

Dear Editor:

I would like to encourage all registered voters of Douglas County to vote on Tuesday, February 7.  Voting is a privilege that many take for granted.  Many people believe that their vote does not matter.  True.  One vote may indeed not matter, however your “one vote” with others’ “one vote” will continue to add up so when all those “one votes” are cast and tallied; then the government can truly hear our voice where the “one vote” really does matter.

This primary election may well be the most important primary race that we will see in our lifetime.   I am asking and encouraging all voters of Douglas County to thoroughly research about all of these candidates and elect whom they believe and consider being the best candidate to defeat President Obama in November.  An uninformed voter is a dangerous voter.  Do not rely on the liberal media with biased opinions on television or the Political Action Committees (PAC ads), which are giving false and unverified information to the American people.  I encourage you to watch the debates between the candidates and to visit the individual websites of each candidate.  These are the best ways to hear and learn each candidate’s viewpoint on the social and moral issues that face us every day.

All of the debates have been informative.  However, one should not solely rely on only watching the debates.  The informed voter must also watch President Obama when he gives a speech, such as, the State of the Union address.  I truly believe that most politicians, including the president, think that middle class Americans and low income Americans are ignorant, uninformed and uneducated because they use fancy words and talk in circles.  These politicians avoid truly answering the question that they were asked.  This rhetoric causes us to scratch our heads because of the confusion caused in this maze of double talk.  Quite frankly, it is a tactic which politicians have used for years to misguide the voting public.

Our country is in a mess with unemployment, education, taxes, losses of freedom, and attacks upon religion. In my opinion, President Obama’s failed policies and socialist views have not helped matters at all. I believe that he will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in American history.  America has never been in as much debt and unemployment since the “Great Depression”.

President Obama talks about how billionaires (like Warren Buffett, etc.) only pay 15% taxes on their incomes, and Mr. Buffett’s secretary pays 30% on her taxes.  Obama does not tell you that Mr. Buffett is paying an additional 15% on capital gains which is money that he has invested in stocks, etc.  Mr. Buffet has already paid the approximate 30% of the initial tax rate upon the money he used to invest with, and then he pays the additional 15% on the money he made (capital gains-money that it made), with the original investment money.  Whereas, his secretary is paying 30% on her taxes which is her income taxes.  Two totally separate kinds of taxes; they are not the same at all.  Who pays more?  Therefore, the argument of class warfare does not work.  You make more; you pay more.  You make less; you pay less.  Simple math, but math that Washington believes the general public cannot understand.

Most Americans (middle class – 60%) do not pay taxes at all as most receive what federal tax money was paid during the year.   The liberal and uninformed citizens are usually the ones griping about the rich.  If billionaires have to pay higher taxes on their capital gains tax (which is where they are making their money) they will probably NOT hire or create more jobs because of having to pay more taxes?  Even if they paid 30% more on the capital gain taxes or gave their entire profit over to government to pay taxes, it would not make a dent in our deficit.  The billionaires are only 1% of the population.  America’s billionaires and millionaires are the ones that pay over 60% of Federal Taxes.  In other words President Obama is sending the message of “bite the hand that feeds you.”  How many poor people have ever given you a job?

I am nobody in the eyes of politicians, and I don’t know the solution to our country’s problems, but at least I can admit it, unlike others.  I truly feel that President Obama was not elected to help Americans like me.  He has been called the “Welfare” or “Food Stamp” president because more Americans are on welfare than there has ever been before.  The jobs he has “created” have been government-funded jobs NOT the private sector which is what our country is all about.  If all we have are government-funded jobs in our country, we are then considered a socialist or communist country.  Do you really want this kind of CHANGE?  I DO NOT.

Please do not misunderstand my letter; I am proud of our country and all of the military people who have served and are serving to this day to keep our country safe so we can continue to have our freedoms.  I thank God for all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so people like me and you can voice our opinion to agree or disagree.

Concerned citizen

Faunlee Smith