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Drury Reader Reports 'Kidnapping' Of Chihuahua Puppy

A couple living in the Drury area in eastern Douglas County recently reported an incident that they feel the public should be aware of.

The information was given to the Herald as a letter to the editor, but we are giving it stronger emphasis for the benefit of others who may be victimized, as well.

Their story:

“We are an elderly couple, living in the country and raise a few Chihuahua puppies to sell for a supplement to Social Security. We only have a couple dogs and sell maybe 12-15 puppies a year.

“We had an ad in the local shoppers about a litter for sale. On 1/24 we received a phone call from a young man, stating he was from Mtn. Home, Ark., and was interested in looking at the babies.

“He was given directions and several hours later he appeared, along with several ‘buddies’. They came in a nice shiny bright red van. They were dressed neatly, clean … not unsavory to the eye.

“They came into our home, looked at the several little puppies I had to sell. The ‘buyer’ (a young man named Cody) asked all of the right questions…size of the parents, registrations, etc. (He) then asked if he could take the chosen baby out to the van to “show his wife.” I agreed to that. All of the young men filed out of our living room, into the van and DROVE OUT OF OUR YARD! and had the kidnapped little girl puppy in their possession.

“So, if you have been given, or have purchased a small, 8-week-old blonde Chihuahua female puppy in the last couple days – you might want to check further … she may be ours.”

The lady who wrote the letter asked not to be identified, but wants the public to know about this incident.