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Looking Backward 1.26.2012

25 Years Ago

January 22, 1987


The gavel of the Ava Area Chamber of Commerce passed from Ralph Calhoun to Kris Norman at the regular monthly meeting of the Chamber here Tuesday night.  Norman, assistant branch manager of the Home Building and Loan Association office in Ava, has served as first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce for the past year.

Givans Furniture has moved from the Ava Square to the former IGA grocery building just off the northwest corner of the square on North Jefferson Street.

Another winter storm moved into the Ozarks last weekend, creating dangerous driving conditions and closing most area schools the first of the week.

Emerson Electric announced this week that Steve Leonard has been promoted to winding department head. Steve has been employed at Emerson since September 1976.

Mrs. Lori David hosted a birthday party at her home on Sunday, Jan. 4 to honor her daughter, Crystal Raine, who would be two years old on Jan. 5.

Geoffrey Sparnicht of Ava, has been awarded a scholarship to attend Central Methodist College in Fayette, Mo. for the 1987-88 academic year.

Wanting to sell your property?  Give Hoy Bilyeu a call at Hoy Bilyeu Real Estate.

GENTRY –– The neighbors of Clinton Maloney say a big thank you for cleaning their drives of snow.

Corporal Scott W. Huffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey B. Huffman, Rte. 1, Ava, recently completed Combat Skills Course 23-86 held at the Northern Training Area, Okinawa, Japan.

BASHER –– Mr. and Mrs. Gene Quakenbush are home after spending the holidays in South Carolina. They report a good time.


50 Years Ago

January 18, 1962


A total of 31.04 miles of new rural telephone lines were constructed in the Douglas County area of the A&M Telephone Company during the last six months of 1961, according to a report made by the company to the Missouri Public Service Commission.  The greatest part of the 31.04 miles of line construction was along Highway 14 to within one-half mile of the Christian county line. The new line was started near the Willard Pueppke farm, six miles west of Ava.

The partnership interest of Ovle House in House’s Shoe Store, located on the north side of the square in Ava, has been purchased by his son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan House.  Mr. House established the shoe store here in December 1926 and has operated it continuously since that time.

Leo Lisby, who has served as chief of the Ava Volunteer Fire Department for many years, was re-elected to that position at a meeting of firemen held last Thursday night. Cloine Pettit was elected assistant chief.

A new business scheduled to open here Saturday will be “The Record Rack,” featuring phonograph records of all kinds. The business is being established by Mrs. Rene Martin and her two children, Dale and Doris.  The firm, located in a building on the north side of the square owned by Ovle House, will remain open until 9 o’clock each night. Soundproof booths for playing records will be added at a later date.

Douglas County’s 1962 operating budget, as required by law, has been completed by County Clerk Paul Hesterly, and approved by the State Auditor’s office.  The detailed budget, based on a levy of 75 cents for the general revenue fund, shows an estimated operating revenue from all sources of $133,202.28.

Bill V. Leonard, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Leonard of Route 4, Ava, completed weeks of reserve recruit training Dec. 31 as a member of the award-winning “School of the Ozarks” reserve company at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill.

Williams Super Markets, Seymour – Mansfield – Mtn. Grove –Houston – Ava.  You’re invited to come in and sample some of those wonderful Aunt Jemima pancakes made by Aunt Jemima herself – in person!  Give the kiddies a thrill – bring them along to meet Aunt Jemima!

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Chambers of Dora announce the birth of a 7 pound, 4 ½ ounce son, Calvin Dean, on Jan. 11 in Memorial Hospital at West Plains.

Mr. and Mrs. Lev Crumley of Ava announce the marriage of their daughter, Judith Faye, to Gary Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Lee, 2601 North Delaware, Springfield. The former Miss Crumley is employed with the Charles A. Moon law office.

The 136-year-old “blue” laws are making a lot of people see red.  So far we are unable to figure out how Missouri’s attorney general – who apparently has higher political aspirations – is going to determine a list of “essential” and “non-essential” articles which can be sold on Sundays. We can’t go along with the idea that he can set himself up as the legislative body, the court, and the enforcer, all in one.


75 Years Ago

January 21, 1937


Committees have been appointed and plans are being put forward for a presidential ball here the night of January 30, it is announced by Postmaster R.L. Ellis, general chairman. The ball here will be one of many hundreds held all over the country in honor of the president’s birthday. This is the fourth year for such balls to be held over the nation.  The ball will be held at the Brown Tavern.  Proceeds derived from sale of tickets for the ball will be divided between a local fund and a national fund, Mr. Ellis said.  Seventy cents of every dollar received is to remain in the local community for treatment and rehabilitation of persons of this community suffering with infantile paralysis.  Tickets will be $1 and each ticket will admit one couple.

Acceptance or rejection of Douglas County’s new courthouse appeared this morning to be a problem confronting the county court alone.  Inspection of the new structure was scheduled for this afternoon, and it was indicated that if the county court accepted it in fulfillment of the contract held by the Weeks Construction Company that the building would be turned over to the county and county of­ficers might move in immediately.

Dr. M.L. Gentry who has had medical offices in Stockton for the past six months has accepted a commission in the U.S. Army, and has been assigned to the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Deadline for use of 1936 state automobile license tags has been set by the state highway patrol at January 31, according to Patrolman Williams who was in Ava Tuesday.  After that date cars must bear 1937 state licenses, the patrolman said.  Here Tuesday the patrolman picked up five car owners and cited them to appear before the prosecuting attorney.

Herman Baker, local building contractor, sustained a fracture of the left shoulder Monday morning when pliers he was using with his right hand slipped as he was working on the fuel pump of his car.  How his left shoulder was injured when he was working with his right hand Mr. Baker hasn’t yet figured out.

Announcement of the formal opening of their store as a Western Auto Associate store is made this week by S.R. Wallen and Son, owners and operators of the establishment. S.R. Wallen and Son have operated an auto supply store on the southeast corner of the square for the past eighteen months, and are well known here.

An effort is being made to create sentiment against J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the Bureau of Justice. The charge is that he is a publicity seeker.

Miss Audra Hunsaker has been chosen to represent Ava High School as its best girl citizen.

BLACK OAK –– Cecil Robertson was an all night guest of Herman Davis Saturday night.

MT. TABER –– The weather­man still keeps us guessing.  Surely the Ozarks, especially this southern part, must be a favored spot. So many places report such unusual and extreme temperatures while we still enjoy reasonable and livable weather conditions. Better halt and count our blessings.


100 Years Ago

January 25, 1912


The K.C.O.& S.R.R. are extending their yard track on the north side of depot some 400 feet to the new Frisco depot being built by Timberlake and Burnett to accommodate their brick, lime, cement, lumber and all business.  The end of the business will be handled by HJ.E. Bash, who is well known here as the Tie Man. Keep it up boys this looks like New Ava to the Herald man.

The Springfield Business College offers a new course to teachers by which they will be able to double their salaries. The new system is Stenotype, writing shorthand with a machine, which is more rapid than any other system.

On last night several citizens of Ava, met at the Baptist Church and submitted a proposition to Senator Curry to preach here in our little city twice a month. Such concerted action among Church people and worldliness is very unusual for any town or community. We hope that such a move will result in great good to the town and community and that no one will have cause to feel that they have spent their time and money in vain. We think it is a good investment as no community can get along well without good lively church interest.

E.B. Hernden of Almartha and Bessie Applegeet of Pansy were married at the home of Squire Carson’s’ last Saturday evening, the Squire officiating.

A girl umpired a baseball game in California the other day. Those California women certainly are heroines.

The hen that never cackles seldom lays an egg. Cholerine makes biddy cackle. – Ava Grocery

MARRIAGE LICENSES –– B.W. Singleton to Myrtle Stokes, both of Ava;   E.B. Herndon of Almartha, to Bessie Applegeet, Pansy;  John Leach of Brushyknob, to Della Ohllard of Eduma;  Willie Miller of Foil to Eva Daves of Noble.

E.J. Israelson of Vera Cruz, was in Ava last Saturday looking after some business. He has bought a farm near that place and is arranging to improve it very extensively. He is said to be a man of some means and a hustler. This is the kind of men we want and they will always find a welcome among us.

If you are not on the Roosevelt-McKinley bandwagon, you are slow.

Ava Bakery – Keep always on hand first-class bread, pies, cakes and cookies. Anything in the cooking made to order. Give us your patronage – we will treat you right. Phone 185.  Hartenstein & Stecker.